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when it rains, it POURS

when it rains, it POURS


Another week has flown by!  I feel like time is going by so much faster since I got to Lake Elsinore. We work SO HARD (sometimes arguably too hard). It is normal to have days where we walk 20 miles.  It’s pretty killer. my leg muscles are getting very strong!  I can bike up any hill no problem now!

My favorite day by far though was definitely Tuesday.  We had a winter that lasted about one solid day.  On Tuesday it absolutely DOWN POURED!  As bike missionaries, you have to walk everywhere!  So, Tuesday afternoon Sister Van and I found ourselves stranded in a neighbourhood a couple miles away from our apartment in the middle of a storm.  However, we were very excited for it to be raining, and for a while, we were absolutely loving it!  We also had a couple people we really really wanted to visit and we could not go home until we did.  So, there we were, walking side by side in the middle of nowhere as it rained BUCKETS.  The first door we knocked on instantly let us in.  We learned that the best way to get in a door is to show up looking like a drowned rat.  We were able to very briefly teach this man and his kids and set up a time to come back to do family home evening.  We are SO excited about it!  After him, we continued to walk through the rain to our appointment with a less active part member family. At that point, our rain jackets were soaked through, we were dripping from head to toe, my rain boots were filled with water, and we were FREEZING.  After a long walk to this next house, we stopped on the porch for a second to wring out our clothes and attempt to make ourselves look a little more presentable.  We were at the point of no return though.  We knock on the door anyways.  When the member answered the door, his jaw dropped to the floor.  Instantly, he invited us in, ran to get blankets, towels, soup, anything to warm us up!  We were able to sit around his dinner table as I very carefully and hesitantly sipped some very meaty soup (ew haha) and taught him and his kids about the atonement of Jesus Christ.  The spirit was so strong in this lesson and everyone was SO into it.  It was like the highlight of my week!  After the lesson, we called the other sister missionaries to come get us.  They had the heat blasting and had blankets and hot chocolate for us.  it was soooo nice! That was seriously such a fun day and the best thing was that we did not get sick AT ALL!  What a miracle haha!!

So yeah that was the highlight of my week!  I am super excited for this coming week because I get to see Sister Moffit at multi-zones and it is my birthday!!!!!!!!

Oh also, to explain the picture, Morgan sent me the best socks in the entire world. They have birds on them and say “pimpin’ ain’t easy”. LOVE IT!!!


Sister Rossignoli

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