California Riverside Mission

Well… THAT was unexpected.

Well… THAT was unexpected.

It has been a week JAM PACKED with surprises, thats for sure.

Biggest news i guess, I AM GOING TO RIVERSIDE!?!?! Usually transfers are 6 weeks long, but this one was only 5 because of our new mission president. Because i am still training, i expected to stay here in Hemet with sister diamond and finish up training. …NOPE! Instead, we are VERY surprised, we are actually staying together but being put in a trio with another sister in Canyon Crest ward in riverside. We are literally traveling across the whole mission together haha!! It is like unheard of for two people to move together though. I am SOOOOO happy though cause i love sister diamond and we have so much fun together while still working hard. God obviously agreed too and kept us as a companionship. Everyone here is shocked though. Nobody expected us to be leaving. PLUS our area is being shut down after only being open for 5 weeks. Its hard cause we split the ward with elders and there isn’t enough work to do with two sets of missionaries but too much for one set. The ward was so excited to have sisters back, so telling them that we were leaving yesterday was so sad!!! But yeah, totally new adventures! Riverside is a whole different world compared to Hemet. Our new companion, sister Palmer, told us to get ready for some culture shock haha. I leave today though!!! SUPER EXCITING!!!
Its sad to leave though cause we were FINALLY starting to do well in the area! That was the other surprise! We had been at a dead end for such a long time and then out of nowhere, we had sooooo many people to teach and talk to. Then we got the call that we had to leave haha. Handing them off to the elders now… they better take care of them.
Sister Diamond and i have a new found love for popsicles. It is like over 100 degrees here every day and it is the only way to stay cool. Popsicles are the best haha!!!
One of the pictures is of a mountain we willingly just walked up, hoping to find someone to talk to in the middle of the day when it was 110 degrees. It was very rough and we didnt end up seeing anyone to talk to, BUT the views were great. We could look over the whole Hemet valley! I will definitely miss that! Plus, there are so many cute lil sunflowers that just grow along the road walking up there!
I have been collecting a bunch of flowers here and pressing them and put them all together in my new planner for this transfer. i am super excited about it!!! Very cute!! i worked super hard, and sister diamond told me it wasn’t going to work but i made it work! Plus i put a picture of me and eli inside of it hehe!! Decorating our planners every transfer is the best!!
But yeah thats my week! Keep emailing me!! And send me letters! Letters are better cause i can take time to respond and can read them over and over! Plus its so nice to open my mailbox and actually have something in it after a long day haha! Love you guys though! Love riverside! Love my mission! Love the gospel!!
Sister Rossignoli
These are the sisters in my stake here in Hemet. I’m going to miss them sooooo much!!! My favorite scriptures this transfer was all of 2 Nephi 22. THEY ARE AWESOME! READ EM AND ACT UPON EM. We have been so blessed! Time to give back.

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