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We got a DOG!!!!!!!

We got a DOG!!!!!!!

It has been quite a wild week. Last week I said it just dragged on forever and now this week happened in a blink of an eye. It was jam packed FULL of crazy things!

I guess first things first.  Let me explain the title of this email haha!!  Sister Moffit and I LOVE dogs.  We always talk about how badly we want a mission dog or to just have a day to go play with puppies.  So the other day, we were parking at our dinner appointment in an apartment complex.  Just as we were pulling over to a curb, we saw a random dog come limping out of the trees.  This dog was super ratty and had a broken paw.  It was very obvious that it was a stray.  So, being dog lovers and seeing this poor thing in pain, we called it over.  We wanted to at least give it water or random food from our car.  It got closer and closer and then took one big leap of faith right into the passenger seat!  We didn’t know what to do. So, we kept calling it to get it out of the car, but it would not budge.  We were scared to pick it up because we didn’t want a stray dog to bite us and have to go to the hospital.  We couldn’t push it because it had a broken leg and we didn’t want to hurt it.  Eventually, we got it pushed at least to the drivers seat.  We felt so bad trying to get it out because it was the happiest lil dog I had ever seen.  It was as though it knew that we couldn’t get it out of the car.  As though it was saying to us,  “Hey you are too scared to kick me out so I guess you have to take me home”!  So that is exactly what we did 🙂  JUST KIDDING!!!!!! DON’T HAVE A HEART ATTACK HAHA!!!  Instead we ended up calling the member we were having dinner with and she picked it up and took it out. haha.  It was quite the adventure though.  We got lots of funny pictures and videos.

Okay, so the rest of the week… the majority of the time was just preparing for Elder Keech of the Quorum of the Seventy to come visit our mission.  We had to put together a musical number for the conference.  Normally I don’t participate in those, but I was missing singing a lil bit, so I volunteered to sing!  We ended up singing “Lord I would follow Thee”.  To our surprise, it turned out super pretty. haha!!!  The first verse the Elders sang, then the Sisters, then there was a piano solo (the Elder playing the piano is super good at it, it was so beautiful), then an a cappella quartet, and then everyone came together in the last verse.  It was pretty cool.  We practiced a lot.  I was in the quartet singing alto.  Sadly, we forgot to record it 🙁 all I have is a video Sister Moffit took of us practicing the quartet.  It was super fun to sing again.  I loved it.  I think I am going to start doing more musical numbers.  Here is a sample and another sample that Sister Moffit recorded for me.

The conference with Elder Keech was super good too.  He is a really cool guy!!!  It was a LOOOOONG meeting and there was lots of sitting but it was worth it.  My favorite thing he talked to us about was about making decisions.  He said that, often when we make a decision, we sit back and kind of wait for Heavenly Father to tell us exactly what to do.  We wait for that burning answer from Him, and a lot of the time it never really comes.  He told us a story of some smoke jumpers who sat around forever waiting for directions on their radio of which path to take.  An answer never came.  Then the Fire Chief eventually found them and took the radio.  He showed them how they were in a dead spot and if they had just chosen a path, they would have been able to get in connection again and hear direction and make course corrections.  A lot of the time Heavenly Father isn’t going to tell us the EXACT path to take.  Instead, He is going to wait for us to confidently chose a way and then as we go forward on that path, He will give us course corrections and help us make the best decision.  We can’t expect to just be spoon fed every direction we need to take.  We need to exercise our faith, chose what we think is best, and know that He will not let us fail or be unhappy.  If we listen, He will help us as we faithfully follow the path we prayerfully chose.  He will lead us to where we need to go.  I loved that story.

So, yeah, it was an awesome week!!! We love our new apartment too!!!  It’s overlooking a dog park!!  It distracts us A LOT hahah!!!  Life is soooo so so so good!!!!

Love Sister Rossignoli


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