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The Week That Never Ended

The Week That Never Ended

This has by far been the LONGEST week ever. Usually as a missionary, time FLIES! But so much has happened this week and there has been so much to be worried about that it just never seemed to end.

The biggest stress of this week is by far TRANSFERS! I hate transfer Saturday (where we figure out if we are leaving or getting a new companion). I have been in Canyon Crest for 3 months. everyone was POSITIVE that I was leaving – especially since it is such a slow area… It can get very discouraging for some sisters missionaries. So, Sister Moffit and I spent all week panicking. We are already such good friends and she did not want to leave me so fast.  Not  to mention that I love Canyon Crest Ward!!! I REALLY did not want to leave. So, Friday night, the day before transfer calls, the Office Elders (who are in charge of moving furniture around) gave us some real bad news. They told us we better start packing now because a trio of elders is moving into Canyon Crest. Our hearts SANK. We did not know what was going to happen to us and we had A LOT to do to prepare to be doubled out.  Right away we started packing.  The next day, we focused on updating all of our records and saying goodbye to as many people as we could.  It was a long day waiting to hear our fate. We were really preparing ourselves for the worst news.  Then, around 9:30 pm when transfer calls finally came in we were caught off guard.  Elder McCracken stalled for a while and then finally said, “Sister Moffit and Sister Rossignoli, you will be staying together in Canyon Crest”.  We were so CONFUSED.  We had said good bye to so many people, our apartment was already packed up, and we organized things so nicely for the Elders coming in.  Of course we were happy to be together, but we had a lot of cleaning up to do hahah!!!  Turns out that they were not wrong about us moving out of Canyon Crest and being replaced by a trio of Elders.  They told us that we were staying, but just SWITCHING APARTMENTS!!! DUH!!!  So yeah, luckily all that packing was not in vain.  Honestly it is the best case scenario too.  All we are doing is moving across the apartment parking lot to a MUCH NICER apartment.  We are upgrading from an apartment with carpets covered in oil stains, an oven that doesn’t work, and old stained counters and walls, to an apartment that was just remodeled with hardwood and new appliances and a beautiful balcony.  We will be living LARGEEEEE hahah!!!!

Also, because we thought we were being transferred, we went and got our Transfer Milkshakes!

A ton of other things happened this week too.  For Halloween this week, we were not allowed to be out after 6:30 pm.  So, all the missionaries in the Stake got to hang out all evening. We met in the church and played “Glow in the Dark TRASH BALL” in  the gym.  It is basically like ultimate Frisbee, but with a ball and you have to throw it and hit a trash can that is upside down.  We covered ourselves in glow sticks and turned out the lights and played. It was actually SO FUN.  We never wanted it to end.

The next day was also the best day ever.  We have some new members that moved into our ward and they are the cutest lil family in the whole world.  They just opened a store called “Piep” in downtown Riverside.  IT IS A PLANT STORE!!!  It’s so cute.  We had dinner at the store because they had to be there for the Riverside Art Walk.  Sister Moffit and I were in HEAVEN.  We were surrounded by really cool plants and succulents.  They had really cool music.  THEY HAD A GOURMET TOAST BAR.  IT WAS SO GOOD!!!!  They also have a printing company and a giant printing press in the store.  They inked it up and I was able to print some things on it.  I would send a picture or tell you what it is, but youre gonna have to wait until Christmas 😉  IT IS SOOO CUTE THOUGH.  We had the best time there.  It was exactly what we needed to help relieve some stress that Sister Moffit and I had from the week.  It was a nice little tender mercy.  We walked out of that dinner appointment full of pizza and REALLY GOOD toast and with some really cool prints we made and plants.  It was the best.


A lot of the rest of the week was just waiting for transfers.  Saturday night, right before we got calls, we had the coolest experience.  Sister Moffit and I received a referral to visit from the church website.  Those are LEGIT.  That means that the person went on and requested the missionaries to come visit them.  When we got there, we found out that he was a member thast has not been coming to church on Sundays and who was really CRAVING the Spirit.  He needed it so bad.  It was his 4 year Baptism anniversary and he had been away from church for a while.  He had gone through some crazy things these past 4 years and wanted God back in his life.  Hearing this, my mind started to go crazy.  We had NO IDEA what to teach.  But, as he was talking, I said a quick lil prayer to myself.  I asked Heavenly Father what I should teach him.  I prayed, saying, “I am going to open my Book of Mormon.  Please help it to be the scripture he needs to hear at this time”.  I did exactly that.  I opened to Alma 5:59-60, which just so happens to be my FAVORITE scripture right now.  It talks about how Christ is the Good Shepherd and we are His sheep.  It discusses how He is going to look over us and make sure we don’t get destroyed by a wolf.  I started reading it and talking about it not really knowing where exactly I was going.  However, once I started talking, immediately words filled my mouth.  Everything was starting to come together.  This person was blown away.  He said it was exactly what he needed to hear at this time.  It reminded him of a picture that was always hanging in his parent’s house, growing up.  The Spirit was SO STRONG.  It was definitely the most Spirit driven lesson I have ever been in.  I really gained a testimony that, especially as missionaries, we will be instruments in God’s hands.  That, as long as we open our mouths, the Lord will give us the words to say.  I felt like a real missionary.  It was the coolest experience.  We got in the car after that appointment and just screamed it was so awesome.  It was am incredible feeling.  The Spirit is real.

So yeah, as you can see, we had one jam packed week.  After this we are going to spend quite a while moving.  Not fun!! The most stressful week of the mission is almost over though!


I love you guys!!! I’ll be home soon haha!!!!

Love, Sister Rossignoli


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