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the tension is now almost tangible

the tension is now almost tangible

Okay so I am not gonna lie, this has probably been one of the BEST weeks of my mission so far. So many awesome things happened.  I am on top of the world right now.

First off, I guess I should let you know, transfer calls were this week. Every 6 weeks we can change areas within the mission or change companions. I absolutely love Canyon Crest and really did not want to leave. I was so worried. Sister Diamond is my trainer and I have already been with her for 2 transfers so we thought FOR SURE we were separating which made us so sad. We predicted I was either gonna stay with Sister Palmer in this area and Sister Diamond was going to leave OR I was going to take over the area and get a new companion and have both of them leave. WE WERE WRONG. There really is no way to predict what is going to happen on “transfer call” Saturday. To our surprise, SISTER DIAMOND AND I ARE STAYING TOGETHER FOR ANOTHER TRANSFER!!! The only change that was made is Sister Palmer is going to Moreno Valley. I am sooooooo flippin excited though. Sister Diamond has become one of my best friends. I cannot believe we get to spend another 6 weeks together. I am officially her longest companion 🙂 We are gonna CHANGE THIS AREA. I know it!!! We seriously are such a team and I am so excited to see what we can accomplish together.

Every transfer Saturday we call “Shake Saturday. All the missionaries go out and get milkshakes together and it is so fun. It is a cute tradition. There is this place by where we live called Great Shakes. It is super popular and SOOOO GOOD. They put a cute lil’ donut around the straw 🙂 I am #blessed to be staying in Canyon Crest so I can go back again and try another flavor haha. (I will try to not get fat on my mission!)

With the end of the transfer, it also means the end of TRAINING!!!!! Thats right.  I am not a greenie missionary any more. The 12 weeks we spent “training” were so hard for me just because with the title of being a “trainee” you automatically just feel less. This past transfer was really hard dealing with that. So badly you wanna just be a real missionary, but in the back of you head you remember that you are a trainee.  Psychologically it effects you. You just feel a bit less. BUT NOT ANYMORE! I’M A REAL MISSIONARY. That also means I have been out 3 whole months now. Time FLIES. It is insane. I kind of feel like I have been doing this forever, but i also feel like I just got here yesterday. Before you know it, I will be home! haha.

Another fun little story that contributed to making my week so fun… We do service at a food bank called Feeding America every week. Sometimes we sort through boxes, sometimes we throw away moldy rotten vegetables, and sometimes we throw away moldy bread and baked goods. It sounds nasty, and you’re right it is, but it is also SO FUN. This week we were throwing away bread. They have these huge carts of probably like 20 crates stacked on top of each other and you slide the crate out and dump the bread into a big bin until all 20 crates are empty. We, being missionaries, wanted to find the fastest way possible to do it and make a game of it. I realized that if you get two people, one on each end of the crate, you can dump the bread super fast. We made two teams, each with 20 crates, 2 dumpers, and 4 crate stackers (for after they are empty). we lined up and raced to see who could dump and stack them faster. I was on a team dumping the crates with a Spanish Elder. We whipped through those crates in legit 15 seconds. It was incredible. We were laughing so hard as a team. It was close but we won of course 😉 Now every time we go back we are gonna race haha. It’s a new olympic sport.

As for the work in our area, we KICKED BUTT THIS WEEK! We were able to meet sooo many amazing people and hear so many amazing stories.  We helped to comfort them and bring them unto Christ. It is such a surreal feeling when you are sitting in someone’s home and they are telling an incredible story about their life to you. You kind of stop for a second and realize where you are and what you’re doing and wonder how you are so blessed to be there right then. Then you think, “I am a 19 year old girl. How in the world am I worthy to be in this home right now with these amazing people HELPING THEM? How am I qualified for that?” Being a missionary is such a privilege. God trusts me with these people. He puts words in my mouth to say to them. I watch lives change before my eyes. I am SO BLESSED to be a missionary.

Choosing faith over fear every day is helping us do so much. When we are hesitant to do something, we stop and realize, God is going to help us because we are doing His work right now.  Then we just GO FOR IT.  What is the worst that could happen? We have been able to talk to so many amazing people because of that philosophy this week and make so much progress. We work so hard in this area and we are finally starting to see results. It is the best!!

Love you all,
Sister Rossignoli.

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