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We have had quite the busy week (which is never a bad thing for a missionary)! We have been finding lots of success and miracles these past couple weeks as we have gone out, giving it our all, with the time that we have (which was not a lot this week).

This week we had multi-zone conferences (WHICH MEANT I GOT TO SEE SISTER MOFFIT!!!! YAY)  Normally, in multi-zones I receive lots of revelation for the area and the people that we are teaching.  However, at this multi-zone, I felt as if it was all for me.  I learned a ton and a lot of things really touched me and stood out as things I need to work on.  I reflected on how much God really does trust me.  He uses the weak things of the world to do great and important works.  I thought about D&C Chapter 1:19-23 where it states that the fullness of the gospel will be proclaimed by the weak and the simple.  About a month ago, in our Relief Society meeting at church on Sunday, someone said something that has caused me to ponder.  She said that a lot of the time, we want to be something or do something new, but we stop ourselves and say “No.  I can’t. That is not me”.  We hold ourselves back because we think that it may not fit who we think we are, or the person that we have made ourselves out to be.  In this person’s case, she was reflecting on how later in her adult life she wanted to follow her dream of becoming a dancer.  But, she had stopped herself so many times from following that dream because “that was not her”, that was not who she had become in the first 25 years of her life.  She said that we have so much potential.  The number one thing stopping us from achieving our dreams is ourselves.  We have the potential to become anything that we want.  Our Heavenly Father has promised we can become like him, if we stay on the right path and make the right choices.  I reflected a lot on internalizing that phrase that we so often say, “that we are children of God”.  As children of God, we are capable of so much more than we can even imagine.  God gives us special talents and spiritual gifts that we need to magnify and really take advantage of in our lives.  So, in this multi-zone, I learned that I need to figure out exactly who I am (a child of God) and become that person and KEEP becoming that person every day.  President Hammon said in his closing testimony, “You have the power and capacity to be whoever Heavenly Father wants you to be. You just do”.  That really stuck with me.  I actually wrote that quote down and it is now hanging on my wall haha!!  We have so much that we are capable of.  I want to focus on always taking full advantage of that and living up to my potential.  I want to become the person that God knows that I can be.  God knew that I need to be reminded of this, and so I am very grateful for what was said at multi-zones. This has been driving me more and more every day since.  I am so much more motivated and inspired to become someone so much better and to be the means whereby miracles can happen.

Aside from all that, another HIGHLIGHT of multi-zones was that Sister Van and I won the first ever GOLDEN PLUNGER AWARD!!!!! hahahahah yep that’s right, a golden plunger.  It is the new award they give out for the cleanest apartment. AND WE TOTALLY DESERVED IT.  We scrubbed and scrubbed and SCRUBBED away the years of Elders living in that apartment.  We were very proud haha!!

Okay.  Got to go!!

Love you guys!

Sister Rossignoli​

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