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The Days Are Long, The Weeks Are Short 5/16/17

The Days Are Long, The Weeks Are Short 5/16/17

Well, I have been at the MTC for two weeks now. Time here is very weird. It kind of feels like I have been here for like two years but it also feels like I have been here for two days. Every day is very similar, it is hard to set them apart from each other. Most days are just going to class all day, studying for our practice investigators, teaching our investigators, foursquare, and going to meals. It can get very exhausting. With this being my last week here, I am definitely going to try to make it more fun and different each day.

I cant believe I go to California in ONE WEEK! We got our travel schedule this week, it was very exciting. We leave here next Tuesday at 3:50 am. I know that seems super early, but 3:50 is actually a late time to be leaving the MTC (most people leave at like 2 am). I think we get to leave later because we have a direct flight from SLC to the Ontario, California airport. There are 8 of us going to Riverside, 4 girls and 4 guys. My district has the 4 girls in it, but we did not meet the 4 other Riverside Elders until this week. They seem cool, we are all super excited to actually get out into the mission field. Tuesday cannot come fast enough.
Some of my really good friends left this week to go into the mission field. It was sad to watch them go but i am SUPER excited to hear all of their stories. Sister Stovie left on Monday to go to Macon, Georgia, and Sister Bowers left today for Anchorage, Alaska. They were the best and definitely always kept our zone smiling. I dont know what this week is going to be like without them.
To pass time while studying i have been busy making flower crowns out of the leaves and flowers on the trees around us. I definitely do more flower crown making than studying. hehe oops!! I just wanted to mention that to explain the pictures i sent.
Every day, as i walk to the cafeteria, i pray for mac n cheese haha. The food at the MTC is pretty good, but there is never anything vegetarian. It is quite the struggle. I eat a lot of cereal and sandwiches with just cheese and lettuce and lots of bananas. It has become like a running joke now with my zone that once i leave the MTC next week, they will finally have mac n cheese. Its all about the little things here at the MTC. Every day is the same, so something as simple as mac n cheese or other food i can actually enjoy without scraping all the meat off would brighten my day. Elder Saltzman’s dad sent him cinnamon rolls to share with the district. It seriously turned our Sunday around. it is all about the little joys in life that really keep us going.
Sundays are really long here. Church is basically an all day thing, 6:30 am to 9:00 pm. There are not many breaks, just meeting after meeting after meeting. It is good though. You really get to know a lot of people and can learn a lot. We watched Meet the Mormons 2 last Sunday. It was SUPER good. It made us feel kind of normal and relaxed for a hour. I appreciate those small moments. We also get to walk to the temple across the street every Sunday. It is honestly pretty stressful cause it is usually just to take pictures, which is very hectic. The temple is beautiful though. Sundays, we HAVE to wear cardigans all day. If any of you know me, you know how much i HATE cardigans. i didnt pack a single one with me haha. i am very thankful for my awesome companion who lets me borrow hers every week. I think it is such a funny rule though. Never would have expected it. I will learn to love them i guess.
I had to teach Relief Society this sunday for the first time since i am the Sister Training Leader. I feel like i can teach investigators just fine, but when it came to teaching all the other missionaries, i had no idea what to say. We ended up having a long discussion on the painting “Where did we come from? Why are we here? Where are we going?” I love integrating art history into lessons, and it is so fun to learn about with others. I dont know if everyone else enjoyed analyzing paintings for class, but i had a great time.
I also got to call home on Sunday for Mothers Day. I was only allowed 30 minutes, but it was nice. Lindsey kept hanging up the call, it was funny. I called back about 4 times because of her so I was not sure when my call was actually over, i just left when everyone else did. Everyone else in my zone was crying a lot after the call, but i was alright. I feel like the MTC kind of just feels like i am at school again (especially cause it is right across the street). It hasnt set in that the next time i will be calling home is CHRISTMAS. Thats pretty far away haha.
My goal while i am here at the MTC is to be more familiar with my scriptures. The first 19 years of my life, i have definitely been lacking in my scripture studies. So badly i want to be able to have a bunch of verses in mind and be able to just flip to them when people need them without having to look anything up. I have really come a long way!! I am so proud of myself! I have become the “scripture girl” in our lessons. Sister Bartschi teaches the concepts and details, and i always have a scripture to back her up and a real life application and testimony. I made a scripture cheat sheet to help me find the references i want, which is super helpful. I am learning so much! The more I study the Book of Mormon, the bigger my testimony in it grows. I testify about three times daily to our investigators how strong my testimony is in this gospel and encourage everyone to read the scripture and to pray about their truth. Ask questions while you are studying and really try to feel the spirit and answers will come! I challenge everyone to try this! It has blessed my life so much and i know it can bless yours. The scriptures are so true, this really is another testament of Jesus Christ. I love the Book of Mormon, it gives me so much comfort and confidence. I cant wait to share it with others.
I love all of you! Youre awesome!! Keep emailing me, i love hearing from everyone! I can read my email whenever i want at the MTC, i just cant respond except for tuesdays.
Love you!!
Sister Rossignoli
the riverside sisters at the temple
my zone – the sisters are going to riverside, the elders are going to salt lake city

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  • I’m so proud of you Michelle I’m so excited to hear about you are dentures. And I guess we’ll be calling you Sister Rosignoli soon ♡

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