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That awkward moment when…

That awkward moment when…

So you know how people say that while on your mission, there is a moment where you all of a sudden realize that you are a real missionary? That you don’t need trained and know how to do everything. you talk to people with confidence and zero fear, so effortlessly.  Everything just clicks. Well, that was this week! It was seriously such an amazing moment, lemme tell you. All of a sudden I was just like “woah i am a real missionary“.

I thing what prompted this the most was going out with a member. Sister Diamond and Palmer left me here in Riverside on Saturday and went to a baptism in Lake Elsinore. I basically took over the area for the morning and went “Seeking With Faith” (tracting but not really) with a member who was home from college for the summer. I had to train her. I had to man up and be a real missionary and do everything right so that we could have an effective morning. I was NERVOUS. but it was soooo fun and so effortless and comforting. We are the DREAM TEAM. I realized that morning that I know how to do missionary work. Talking to people is easy as I have done it my whole life. Baring my testimony is easy, as I have also done that my whole life. So why was I so scared before to combine the two?!?! Now I LOVE contacting people. Just walking up to random people outside and having such an awesome conversation about God and Jesus Christ and the beautiful world around us and all the blessings we have on this earth.  It is seriously so fun and now I FINALLY have the confidence to do it.

I am also finally building relationships with my investigators. It is so different when you teach somebody you genuinely love and care about and want the best for. These people quickly become your sisters. I wanna help everyone out so much but being a missionary has limitations and boundaries we cannot cross. All I can do is pray, preach the doctrine, and hope for the best.

Oh, another wild thing that happened this week – I became the designated driver haha!! Back in Hemet when that happened, it wasnt a huge deal, but now its LEGIT. There is something about driving on crazy California freeways that makes you feel so powerful and mature haha. Everyone better watch out!!! Driving in an actual city in California is very different from driving in Pittsburgh. You gotta drive defensively and with confidence or you might not make it in one piece hahaha!! so fun!!

Other than that though, the week has FLOWN BY. I feel like so much happened but then at the same time nothing happened. I cannot believe it is already another p day. If time continues to fly like this, I will be home before you know it. I feel like I blinked and the week was done. I didn’t even have time to take pictures this week?!?! I need to step up my game haha!!!

Hopefully I have more to report on next week!! All is well down here in Riverside though! I am super happy and know I am exactly where I am supposed to be right now! Keep praying for me 🙂

Sister Rossignoli

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