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South for the Winter

South for the Winter


Lotttttttttttttts of things are changing in the mission.  President Hammon called us Saturday morning to tell us that we are being doubled out 🙁  They are putting in a trio of ELDERS in Canyon Crest now. Yeah that’s right, it takes THREE Elders to replace the two Sisters 🙂  Two of the Elders will be trainees too so that’s crazy!  Sister Moffit and I are both going south in the mission.  She is going to Menifee and I will be in the zone right next to her in Lake Elsinore.  President Hammon reassured us that we will be right next to each other and that we will be able to see each other at zone conferences.  He knows we are best friends and so it was sad to break up the “dynamic duo”.  We are off to bigger and better things though.  Both of us are being doubled in.  That means that both of us and our new companions are all new to the area.  It’s going to be crazy, especially a week before Christmas!  Oh, and get this….. I HAVE TO RIDE A BIKE NOW!!!!  haha that’s right, no car for me 🙂  I can’t even remember the last time I rode a bike.  I am glad my Dad bought me a pretty women’s bike with solid rubber tires so I don’t have to worry about getting a flat tire!  Today I was riding it back and forth down the hall in our apartment to practice and I am very shaky.  I am quite the clutz as I’m sure you all know.  We are all taking bets to see how soon I break my arm.  My bet is that its gonna be broken before I turn 20 haha!!!  I am for sure going to try my best not to crash but who knows!  Lake Elsinore apparently is super hilly too.  I am really excited to ride a bike though.  No better way to lose the holiday weight I’m sure to put on!

My new companion will be Sister VanQuakebeke (pronouned “Quake – Beck” and not “qua – ke – bee – kee”, like I thought it was) !!  I know what you’re thinking… “Sister Rossignoli and Sister VanQuakebeke, those are QUITE the names” hahaha!! She came into the mission with Sister Moffit, so she is a pretty new missionary. It’s weird that I am starting to be the Senior Companion always… I still have no idea whats going on?!?  It is going to be fun though!  I am so excited to meet her.  I talked to her for like a minute at the trainer-trainee meeting three months ago.  Maybe she will remember me haha!!!

But yeah, the big move has been crazy.  We have been emailing and getting everything else done as fast as we possibly can today.  Our entire apartment is packed up, clean , and empty.  We spent all yesterday working on it.  It’s crazy!!  Then, right after I finish writing this e-mail, our rides are coming and we will pack the stuff up in the car, say our good-byes, and go to our new homes.

We had an awesome week though!  We had a miracle lesson with Randy.  We gave him a pause talk.  Basically saying “if you don’t get serious and start meeting with us and keeping commitments, we cannot keep teaching you”.  It worked wonders!!  HE IS SO READY NOW TO BE BAPTIZED!!!!  He is on date for January 21st 🙂  We usually put people on date 6 weeks after when we are meeting,  which just so happened to be my birthday!  That would be the best present in the world!!!!!  It was such an exciting lesson!!!  I can’t wait to come back to the area for his baptism 🙂

Okay but yeah we really have to get going so I am cutting this email short!!  CHRISTMAS IS IN A WEEK SO NEXT P-DAY MY FAMILY GETS TO HEAR AND SEE ME LIVE IN PERSON (via Skype)!!!! WHOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Love you guys!!

Sister Rossignoli​


Here are some picture of the Chrsitmas lights at a landmark called Mission Inn in Riverdside.



Here is a little something I made….


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