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Sister Rossignoli takes on SPANISH LAND

Sister Rossignoli takes on SPANISH LAND

Michelle with her Companion, Sister Diamond

Michelle on her first day in Riverside,CA

Hey everyone!!! WASSUPPPP!!

I am super super super happy and so blessed!! I love my mission so much and i know i am exactly where i am supposed to be.

This week has been and interesting and crazy one. My companion is the Sister Training Leader, so she is away on exchanges all the time. Every time the STLs have to leave, me and a Spanish sister, Hermana Coffeen, are paired together. So yeah, this week i spent 5 days in Spanish Land and 2 days in my actual area. It is superrrrr fun though. Obviously my Spanish is not good AT ALL but i am learning fast. When we go and visit people and we ask them who they want to say the prayer, they always pick on me, knowing i don’t know Spanish, and ask me to say it. Little do they know though, i have been studying hard and can actually pray in spanish now, so that is always super fun! It gets easier every day and i feel like i understand what they are saying in the lessons and while contacting so much better. i can also testify in Spanish!! “Yo se que JesuChristo es el salvador!! Yo se que el libro de Mormon es verdadero!!! Yo se que las familias son eternos!!!!” Spanish is SOOOOO FUN! I wish i could stay in Spanish land forever and keep learning!

While walking around in Spanish land i had an amazing experience! We were walking around talking to everyone on the streets as usual, and people were very rude to us as usual. There was this one lady i contacted by myself who basically just yelled at me the entire time. It was scary and super discouraging. She was helping these two men load a chair into a car as i was talking to her. Anyways, we continued on with our day and kept walking around for an hour. As we walked back to our car, we noticed the truck with the chair from earlier pulled over on the curb. We kept walking and just ignored it. Eventually it started FOLLOWING US. We were scared and thought we were gonna be kidnapped or something. Just then though, he rolled down his window and asked what we were missionaries for. He asked a lot about who we were and what the message we were sharing was. He was super interested and humbled and touched by the service we were doing. He said it took a lot of courage to allow that mean woman to talk to me the way she did and that if i was willing to shake that off and keep serving with a smile and being friendly to everyone, that my message must be very important to me. He said that he knew that God put us in his path for a reason and that he was ready and so willing to listen to what we had to say and follow our teachings. We gave him a pamphlet and a book of mormon and got all of his contact info. Sad part though, HE IS FROM LA!!!! so yeah, he is absolutely amazing but we have to refer him to the other mission. i am so excited though and so happy that i was able to set that example and have the courage to open my mouth and stand up for what i believe in. He waited on that curb for an HOUR looking for us because he felt so prompted to hear our message and get in contact with us. While he will be taught by missionaries in LA, he said he really wants to hear MY testimony and what advice i can give to him because he felt so prompted to talk to us, so the next time he is in Hemet, we are going to meet up and teach him a bit. IM SO EXCITED THOUGH! it was INCREDIBLE! WE ARE SO BLESSED TO BE MISSIONARIES AND TO HAVE THESE EXPERIENCES!

So yeah, the rest of the week has been very hard and exhausting. I am staying positive and just embracing the area and the small tender mercies God gives us. It has gotten to the point where if somebody says “no” nicely to us, it is a blessing and a miracle. I love it here though! I would not want to be anywhere else. I have two other amazing stories from this week but no time to write them all out 🙁 I will probably send them in a letter home later, so get ready for that.

It is absolutely amazing though how the small things really turn our days around. We were having such a rough day, but then the zone leaders dropped off a package to me from my mom. It was such a blessing and exactly what we needed. Sometimes when we are in a rut, we go to the mailbox praying for a little pick me up. It is amazing how letters can just turn the day around and give us hope and that feeling of love. Everyone feel free to write me!! It helps so much!! Also, it makes our day so much when people are on the streets and just give us little things to help us. Handing us even just a simple water bottle helps so much!! People will pick the fruit off of their trees and give them to us and I LOVE IT!! Nothing brightens your day more than an orange freshly picked off a tree. ITS THE BEST!!!!

So yeah, i am super happy and loving it here.  No need to worry about lil old me. Hemet has everything – water, mountains, cities, farms, heat, and one heck of a view. I get to pet so many animals too!!! – it’s the best part of the mission!!! This week i pet 21 dogs – hahah i counted!!! We also got to play with birds, horses, a tortouise, and GOATS!! i love it hahah!!!

Finally, a funny story from Spanish Land.  – In Spanish land, getting meals from members has been really hard. All they eat is meat basically so when i say i’m a vegetarian they are shocked. Anyways, i did not know the Spanish word for vegetarian so when they would talk to me about it, i had no idea what was going on. When they talk about it, to me it always sounded like they were asking if i was Italian. Very excited i would always point at my name tag and say yes and tell them how to say my name. After a couple days of that happening, Hermana Coffeen finally explained that they were talking about being vegetarian and how dumb i probably looked shaking my name tag every time they asked hahahha. Super embarrassing but super funny!! Classic Sister Rossignolione Have an awesome day cause GOD LOVES YOU!
Sister Rossignoli

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