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RIP Sister B

RIP Sister B

Wow what a week!! This week seriously has been all over the place. So much is happening!  So I guess first things first, my companion goes home today. 🙁  That definitely can contribute to a crazy week haha!!  We spent a lot of the week visiting people for the last time for her.  And, because it was her last week as a full time missionary, we had to work super hard.  She had to go out with a bang.  We were biking all across town, walking all over the place, and using every second we could to be outside.  Yesterday, Sunday, we ran around the church building saying her goodbyes and getting pictures with everyone.  Plus, we had to find time for her to pack everything up.  It was just crazy, but so fun!  It’s sad to see my companion go home.  I really enjoyed having  Sister Brereton as my companion!!  But I am excited to see what she’s up to in the real world next.

My new companion is also awesome!  I haven’t actually met her yet, but I am so excited!!!  Her name is sister Fortin 🙂 Funny thing is, she is coming from my last ward, Lake Elsinore.  She moved there to replace me and be Sister Van’s companion.  But now that area does not have sister missionaries, just elders.  So, after just one transfer, she gets to come be with me!!  I am so excited!  She seems super cute and she is an incredible singer!

Other news about transfer calls, this past Saturday I got called to be a Sister Training Leader (STL)!  An STL is a leadership role working with the sister missionaries in my area.  So I go to a mission leadership council every month to discuss  area goals and the progress of the mission.  I also go on companion exchanges with the sister missionaries in my area.  It should be lots of fun!!  I love the sisters in my area so much!!!  Oh, and they best part about this whole calling…. Sister Moffit got called as an STL too!!!!!  That means I get to see her every month!!!  wooohoooooo!!!  It was such a proud mom moment when she called and told me!  They grow up so fast :’)

Also crazy thing….last Saturday morning we heard a knock on the door and guess who it was… MY TRAINER!!!  Yes, Sister Diamond! (or I guess her name is Katie now). She came down to go to the Temple for one of her converts and on the way, she stopped to say hi!  It made me so happy!!!  It was so nice to see her again!  The funny thing is that I just happen to be back int he same apartment where I started my mission with Sister Diamond!  It was such a good surprise!!!

And last, but not least, to top all the craziness off, I was sick like all week hahah!!  It was no bueno!  It wasn’t like a terrible terrible sickness, but it was definitely enough.  By the way, biking while being sick doesn’t work too well.  But I did it hahah!!  There were a couple times where I thought I might black out but that’s alright 🙂  I survived!  I was just totally drained of energy.  By the end of the week I recovered!  Now I just really need a nap or something!

So that’s our crazy week!  Lots of lasts!  I am so excited for next transfer though!  It is going to be so much fun, I already know it!


This is me starting at the street sign for Little Lake Road. This is also the name of the Ward I am serving in at the moment.


Sister Diamond (Katie) came for a surprise visit.


Sister B making an awesome smoothie with peanut butter.


Love, Sister Rossignoli

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