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SO RIVERSIDE IS FLIPPIN AWESOME! I love it here. It is soooo different from Hemet, which i really did not expect. Who knew an hour drive would make such a difference?!?! It is a lot nicer here. it is not as hot, the streets are cleaner, the houses are nicer, (the people are meaner on the streets haha), the lizards runnin around are bigger, the water is cleaner, and THEY HAVE REAL GRASS haha!!! In Hemet they usually just had rocks painted green, its real funny. The ward is awesome though and we have had some great meals (hense the title of this email, i will get to that in a sec). i am in a trio now and my new companion is amazing. she is seriously the best. She is from Arizona and played volleyball at Cal State Long Beach before coming out here (pretty legit huh?!) She is soooo kind though and talks about everything to everyone and its just what i needed. She is exactly what i needed. She is also motivating me to eat heathier and take advantage of our exercise time (first transfer started off rough with that). I love her!

OKAY SO NUT LOAF?!?! Nut loaf is the first meal we had in this new area and it is seriously my new favorite food. There is this family that has raised their kids vegetarian so you know they are gonna have some BOMB vegetarian recipies for me. Nut loaf is kind of like beef i guess but not really. You can eat it plain or with gravy or in a salad or on a sandwhich, IT CAN BE ANYTHING! It is flippin DELICIOUS! Its just like rice and stuffing and eggs and soy sauce and like a couple other things. sister palmer and i ate all of our leftovers this week, so today, we made sure to buy the ingredients to make it again. Its seriously the best thing ever. I’m gonna make it for everyone when i get home, just you wait.

But yeah, a lot of changes this week! We also got a new mission president this week, which is wild. i am very excited to meet president Hammon. He seems so cool! i am HYPED!

Also, thank you to whoever sent me a zubie box??? It had no name on it, it jsut said it was from a family member or friend. but thanks haha! it had some BOMB hair ties in it which i REALLY needed. Putting that thing to good use. i wish i knew who sent it so i could thank them, but i dont so THANK YOU STRANGER HAHA! i love mail! it makes my day soooo much. there was a day i legit got 7 letters from eli in my mailbox at once and then picked up 3 more later that day at the mission office. Email time is short and i dont have time to respond to everyone but i PROMISE i will respond to letters. jsut sayinnnn haha!! My address never changes

Sister Michelle Rossignoli

RIVERSIDE CA 92504-1328

Work is very slow here in Riverside too. There aren’t many people to ever really talk to and we dont have many investigators but it is good. we are working hard to find people. WE ARE GONNA DO IT! I HAVE FAITH!!! We are working very hard, WE ARE GONNA FIND PEOPLE!!

My favorite verses i have been studying this week are in 1 John 4. its all about God’s love. it is soooooo warming and nice and just amazing. if you need a hug, just read that chapter haha. Its just amazing how much we are loved. comprehensible. It is amazing!!!

my pictures are my tan line thus far (it is pretty impressive i am not gonna lie), a trip to the mailbox with all of my letters (thank you eli), a beautiful california sunset (i will NEVER get tired of those), and an acai bowl from nekter (my new favorite place EVER)

I hope everyone is having a great week!! Happy Canada Day and 4th of July!!!!

I love you guys!!

Sister Rossignoli


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