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No Pday, No Problem

No Pday, No Problem

Haha sorry about the unexpected pday change from Monday to Friday!  We had no idea that we weren’t going to have one this Monday until the day before it happened (that is why you can’t trust Elders to plan things).  It is so worth it though because our pday is changed so that we can go to the Redlands Temple (LEAVING THE MISSION TODAY FOR A COUPLE HOURS WOOOOOO).  I told them that my family was going to freak out and think something was wrong, and that’s exactly what happened. It’s weird.  An Elder in my zone has now talked to my mom on the phone hahahahah. Real life and mission life aligned for a second and it was a strange thing.

BUT ANYWAYS I AM HERE TODAY TO TELL YOU THAT I AM ALIVE AND THRIVING IN CALIFORNIA 🙂 Soooooo much has happened in the two weeks that I didn’t email. It is wild. We are just on top of the world right now.

So yeah idk what it is. Maybe it is something in the air right now because our area is doing SO WELL. Sister Diamond and I are the perfect team. we have been able to sit down with so many people this week and share messages with them that have really helped them come closer to Jesus Christ more and understand the Gospel more. We have just been in lesson after lesson. It is the best kind of exhaustion you could ever have. Teaching people is seriously so mentally draining haha.

My favorite experience ever has been with our neighbour. He originally started talking to us because he needed a babysitter and we looked like some trustworthy girls (you’d be surprised how many strangers ask us to babysit). Eventually we just started talking to him every time we passed each other. Then one day he stopped us and asked if he could take us out to Chili’s with his two little kids. Of course we accepted. He is just so interested in learning more and giving everything a try. He is so open minded and optimistic and READY for change. It’s incredible. It has been so fun talking to him and having lessons with him.  His kids are adorable and sassy and hilarious.  He is just such a miracle for us right now and such an answer to our prayers.  Instead of worrying if he is reading the Book of Mormon or not, our concern is we need to get a large type one because reading it makes his eyes hurt. We are #blessed!!!!  Plus he is right down the sidewalk so he is there whenever we need him.  It is just amazing. I am excited to see him progress.

We are going to the Redlands Temple this week, so I am super excited. Normally you go with all of the Sisters in your zone, but our zone is VERY Elder oriented, so it will just be Sister Diamond and I along with the member who is driving us. I am so excited. We only get to go every 6 months and so it will be my first time in Redlands. It looks beautiful!!! It is going to be so refreshing to just relax and be at peace for a couple of hours. Our week has been INSANE and it is a well needed, well deserved, break. It is amazing to see how taking away a pday effects you. You can’t truly appreciate that day off until you don’t have one. The days have just been DRAGGING. Every day we are more and more exhausted. Today just totally turned our week around.

I have been studying Jesus Christ and his time on Earth a lot this week.  It is incredible. I reached 3 Nephi in the Book of Mormon so it is ALL about Christ and it is AWESOME. I feel like the more I study him, the more I appreciate and understand him. He willingly did SO MUCH and gave up SO MUCH for us. It has never felt more real before. He truly understands exactly how we are all feeling.  He knows and understands us individually.  If we turn to Him, He can help us through ANYTHING because He has felt it and understands it.  Not only is He OUR Savior, but He is MY Savior (and YOUR Savior). Even if it was for just one person, He still would have performed the atonement.  What a blessing that is for us.

 I am just in awe.  I understand his character so much better now too.  He is not stern or angry or aggressive.  He is LOVING and KIND and GENTLE and MEEK and SOOOO MANY OTHER AMAZING THINGS.  What an example for us.  I have a lot to improve, but as long as I am coming closer to Christ, day by day, He can help me with the rest.

So much has happened this week that I don’t even know what to say. I hope everyone is doing well.  School is starting soon and I am not going… that’s weird but also so fun!!!  I am going to email again on Monday so I will discuss more of what i forgot to write today.

The pictures are just weird this week.  Idk.  You can tell we were exhausted.  Here is a taste of the shenanigans that go on in the car as we take our mental health breaks. haha.

I love you guys!!

Sister Rossignoli

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