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No keys, no problem

No keys, no problem

Hey Guys!!!

So this week I wanted to share a little story about one of my favorite days of my mission.  It was a complete miracle day and it was so much fun!   Sorry it’s a long story, but I promise you that it’s kinda funny!

Okay so, this week we went to do service at a homeless shelter that we go to just about every week.  We carpool with the  Spanish Sisters, as usual.  As we were getting out of the car, we decided to be safe and lock our bags in the truck.  Well… funny thing is, the car was already locked and one of the Sisters had put the keys in her bag.  So,we go in an do our service, then about two hours later, we return to the car.  The Sisters go to get the keys, but cannot find the keys anywhere.  We looked around the shelter for a while, but deep down we know where the keys were – we locked them in the truck.  We panic a little bit and then call the person responsible for the mission vehicles.  He is in Riverside and has a spare key.  But, Riverside is clear across the mission, about an hour and a half away.  We ask him if there’s any way that we can get the spare key.  Well, the next day is our Zone Conference and he will be there.  So, he agrees to bring it to us then, leaving us without the keys to the car for the entire rest of the day.  Immediately all of the plans that we had set for the day have to be change.  What’s worse is that we no longer have a car, our bags, our wallets, our scriptures, our house keys, or our dress clothes (we were in service clothes).  NOTHING.

Our next challenge was to find a ride home.  Luckily, we live in the same apartment complex as a member from a different ward.  She lives right above us, so we give her a call to see if she could pick us up.  She happened to be right in the area and was able to swing by and pick the four of us up within 10 minutes.  This was the miracle and a direct answer to our prayer, and our worries.  Another worry taken care of was that our apartment complex is gated, and you needed a clicker to get in.  But since she lives there too, we were able to get through the gate.  So, while driving there we begin to  brainstorm different ways that we might be able to get a key to our apartment.  We were worried because we were in our service clothes and would needed to change if we wanted to go out anywhere as missionaries.  We were also worried because our wallets and our ID was also locked in the car.  Without that, how would we be able to prove that we lived in our apartment?  Luckily, literally the SECOND we got out of the person’s car at the apartment, we saw two of the maintenance workers pulling up in their golf cart right next to us.  It was PERFECT timing!  Since we’re always running around outside on our bikes or just walking around the apartment complex, we talk to them a lot.  So, they knew us and in less than 5 minutes they were able to go and make a spare key for each of our apartments.  So, now we were able to get into our apartments, get changed, and plan what to do next.

So, what would we do for the rest of the day, since all of our bags were in the car and in those bags were our scriptures and all the different resources that we needed for the day.  At that moment we all felt so lost and empty and hopeless.  Here we were, wanting to go out and do our missionary work, get to our planned appointments, and all we had was my cell phone.  It was actually quite the miracle that we even had the phone, because every other time we went and did service I had left my phone in my bag.  But, for some reason, this time I remembered that I had a pocket and I put it in my pocket.  It turns out that having the phone helped us out a ton!  I know that Heavenly Father had given me that prompting to grab my phone and not leave it in by bag.  So, when thinking about what to do with the day, at first we thought that we might just stay in and do some of the planning that we had to do.  But in the end we decided it would be better for us to just load up the one bag that we had with a couple copies of the Book of Mormon, to use a note card as a planner for the day, and go out.  Although we felt so empty and unprepared, we went out into the world to be missionaries because that was what the Lord wanted us to do.

We begin to walk to our area with the intention of walking to our dinner appointment which was quite far away.  We also planned to stop by and see a couple people along the way.  So off we went, not knowing how productive the walk to dinner would become, but knowing that it was going to be long and exhausting!  After we had walked just one block, we had to stop at a light to go across the street.  While waiting for the crosswalk to tell us we could go, we heard a voice call out to us asking if we needed a ride!  We looked, and to our surprise, right in front of us, there was a member of our congregation calling out to us.  She was able to quickly turn and pull over and talk to us.  She had been at an appointment that had ended early.  Because of that, she had a pretty open schedule for the rest of the day.  She was able to pick us up and take us to the two appointments that we have planned and then dinner.  She was exactly what we needed!!  I know that by divine design, Heavenly Father had lined everything us perfectly for us.  It was such a miracle to us because now we knew that we would be able to make it to our dinner appointment on time and be productive along the way!

Our first appointment turned into an excellent visit!  We were able to go visit a family who had expressed interest in the Church when we met them a couple weeks prior.  They were a cute young family.  We were able to meet the mother and sit down with her.  We got to know her a little bit and shared with her a little bit about the message that we share.  We had an immediate connection with her and we are able to set up a time when we could go back to teach her more about the Gospel and Jesus Christ.  Our timing was also a miracle.  As we were visiting with the mother, she told us that had we shown up 5 minutes earlier she wouldn’t have let us in because her children were in the backyard playing.  Had we shown up 5 or 10 minutes later she also wouldn’t have answered because it would have been bath time for the kids.  We had showed up at her house at the time the Lord designed.  It really showed me how much the Spirit was working with us that day.  He had lined everything up so perfectly.  The rest of the afternoon we were able to try a couple more potentials on our list.  Having this member with us made it all possible.

Eventually we were able to have her drop us off by our dinner appointment.  Because we had the member to drive us, we had a lot of extra time and we were able to walk around the area a little bit to see if we could find some more people to teach.  While we were doing that, we were able to find a lot of cool people that we are planning on going back to visit this week.  We were able to then go and have dinner with a really awesome family in our ward!  On our drive back, we started to think about how we would get back into the gate in our apartment complex.  We knew that we didn’t have a clicker and we didn’t know how long it would take for somebody else to come and try to get into the apartment complex.  Then, we remembered that one time when we were out exercising, we had noticed a hole in the back gate.  Two bars had been bent so that a person could easily fit through (super safe right haha).  We had our member drop us off at that gate in the back. Quickly, we were able to climb through the hole.  It definitely looked super funny watching the two of us break into the gate of our apartment complex with the headlights of the car as spotlights on us.

We were able to get back into our apartment with our new spare key and finally sit down and reflect on the day.

Just that morning, in our planning prayer, we were thanking Heavenly Father for all the amazing things he gives us every day.  We seriously are so blessed here and have so many luxuries that many around the world do not enjoy.  In that prayer, we had asked Heavenly Father to help us recognize the blessings that he gives us that go unnoticed on a day to day basis.  Well, let me just say, that prayer was definitely answered!  Our eyes were open so much this day to the many blessings that he gives us that often go unrecognized.  Between losing the car today, losing our keys and wallet, and even little things like our scriptures, we were really able to recognize how many blessings that we have that we don’t even think to thank Him for.  This was one of my favorite days of my mission.  When everything fell through and we felt totally empty and unprepared, instead of just calling it a day and staying in, we found a way to make it all work out.  We packed up what we did have, and made the most of our day.  Because we didn’t give up, and we tried our very best with what we had, Heavenly Father blessed us with so many miracles!!

So yeah, that was my awesome day!!  It was so fun!  I loved it!!  The days of miracles have definitely not ceased!!


Love, Sister Rossignoli

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