California Riverside Mission

My mission is PARADISE

My mission is PARADISE


We were able to go to the Redlands Temple on Wednesday, which is always the BEST trip!!!  The temple is beautiful.  The trip is fun.  The spirit is strong,  IT IS AWESOME!  Seriously, we were surrounded by palm trees and going to a beautiful white castle and it was just the best thing ever!  While the Temple is always great, one of the highlights of the trip was definitely that we got to go to Cafe Rio hahah!!!!  I missed that place so much!!!  There is one in Redlands right down the street from the Temple, so it is missionary tradition to always go there before the Temple.  All the Sisters were loooong finished with their food and sat back and had to watch me struggle to eat even half my salad.  I miss Eli haha!!  I need his help eating it!  haha  But yeah, the Temple is always the best 🙂  I am so grateful to be able to be living so close to so many Temples! 

here are pictures of me with Sister Van and with Sister Moffit. Oh, and me at Cafe Rio.



This week we had a multizone activity with half the mission!!!  I WAS SOOOOO EXCITED!  I got to see Sister Moffit again, and I will get to see her later this week as well!  LIFE IS GOOD!  It was such a fun activity though!  They had lots of games and stuff going on, but I just stood in a corner for HOURS talking and catching up with all of my mission friends  I miss them all so much!  Literally everyone I love in the mission was there!  It will probably be the only time on my mission where ALL of my friends will be together as missionaries.  A massive group is going home in July and a ton of my friends will leave in it 🙁 SAD!  But it was so fun to be able to spend time together.  I wished the activity lasted all day!


This week I was studying hope again.  One of the ways that hope is manifest is through enthusiasm.  While you can’t get very far looking up enthusiasm in the Bible dictionary,  I was lead to study dedication.  In my study, I found one of my new favorite scriptures at the moment!  I was lead to read 1 Nephi 3:15, which says, “As the Lord liveth, and as we live, we will not go down unto our father in the wilderness until we have accomplished the thing which the Lord hath commanded us”. Likewise, how Nephi would not return to his father empty handed, without the plates he set out to retrieve, we cannot return to our Heavenly Father empty handed – not fully doing all we can and accomplishing everything we could have. When I stand at the judgement bar of God, I want to be able to gladly and honestly tell him I tried my best and did absolutely all that I could.  I do not want to feel like I slacked at all or gave up or that I could have done more.  As missionaries, and after we go home, we have to be this dedicated to keeping all of the commandments of God.  We have promised him many things and I want to be able to follow through and do all that I can to live up to these promises.  I think about how Nephi would have felt returning back to his father after giving up and coming home empty handed. Compare this to the joy and accomplishment they felt as he did return home with the plates.  I want to be able to feel that same joy as I return home to my Father in Heaven.  It was not easy for Nephi to be able to accomplish this task.  He tried three times before being successful.  Likewise we cannot expect it to be that easy for us.  Nephi had perseverance, diligence, faith, hope, patience, creativity, and was very in tune with the Spirit and ready and willing to act upon whatever was asked of him.  We must be the same.  We cannot give up after the first, third, or even 500th try!  Image if Nephi had given up!  Discipleship isn’t easy.  Being here on Earth and returning to our Father in Heaven is not going to be a walk in the park.  We are going to have trials, hurdles to jump over, mountains to climb.  Satan is going to try his very hardest to stop us and let us return home empty handed.  But just as Nephi was able to eventually be led by the Spirit and retrieve the plates, we too can have access to the spirit and the atonement and we can return to our Heavenly Father proudly and triumphantly.  I love studying hope and all the ways that it is shown!  I am excited to see where this study is able to continue to take me! 

Life is good! I try to find the good and happy in everything. Sure I get discouraged and frustrated and sad, but there are so many reasons to be happy!!!! 🙂


Love you guys!

Sister Rossignoli

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