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My Camera is a Better Missionary than I am

My Camera is a Better Missionary than I am


Hello again!

We have had QUITE the uneventful week.  Missionary work is pretty rough in Canyon Crest.  We work all day every day and are not finding anyone to teach.  It is okay though, we keep pushing along and working hard.  We know that we are going to be blessed for our diligence soon.  Miracles are gonna happen.  We know it!!!

The highlight of our week was probably just this really awesome yard sale we went to haha!!  When we see yard sales, we usually just look around a bit, maybe buy something small, and then contact the person in charge of it.  We found a super cool yard sale this week though.  This guy was selling so many cool vintage things.  He had typewriters and records and cameras and all types of stuff.  I quickly got super attatched to this little 8mm old video camera.  It was in SUPER good condition and still worked perfectly and had film in it.  I NEEDED IT haha!!  We talked to the guy for a while about it.  It had been his Uncle’s camera and his Uncle had used it to record all their family videos growing up.  It was really special to him.  There was no way I was passing it up.  Eventually I walked out of there with a video camera,  a projector to go with it, and a new friend!  This guy was incredible.  He really wanted me to have it because he knew I would actually use it and appreciate it, and because I was


a missionary.  He said that he has been a recovering alcoholic for 11 years.  If it wasn’t for Jesus Christ, he said he doesn’t know if he would still be here today.  Just seeing my name tag with “Jesus Christ” written in big letters across it warmed his heart.  He told me that when I make a video with it,  I need to come back to his house and show him.  I 100% will.  He was the sweetest old man and I know that we softened his heart so much.  This little camera I bought is going to be the cause of one amazing conversion story I KNOW IT!

That was basically all that happened this week.  Lots of door knocking


.  Lots of walking.  Lots of testifying.  Lots of people yelling at us 🙂  I love being a missionary though.  I would not trade it for the world!  I have been feeling very Alma 26:27-30.  We suffer so much, but in the end, if I can be the means of saving just one soul or even just helping one struggling person, it is all worth it.  I have the BEST opportunity right now to be serving.  I love it so much.

i love you guys!  I am about to hit 6 months out on my mission.  Time really does fly 🙂

A member took this dress that i found in our closet that was super big and made it into a skirt for me and i was so excited about it, i had to take a picture

Remember that I said I was going to make my own pass-along cards. Well, I did and left them in the mission office along with the other stacks of pass-along cards.

You guys are awesome,
Sister Rossignoli


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