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Yeah that’s right, CHRISTMAS!  It is FINALLY “after” Thanksgiving, so now it is socially acceptable to celebrate Christmas 🙂  I LOVE IT!!!  SO EXCITED!!!  (it’s kind of sad though, because its 85F outside and feels nothing like Christmas at all.  Also, Californians yell at you if you wish them a “Merry Christmas”,  because it’s not “politically correct” hahaha)  In the feature image for this post you can see the stockings that Sister Moffit’s Gramma made for us.  My name was too long!  Ha Ha.

Thanksgiving was AWESOME!  It was a very chill day.  We didn’t really feel like missionaries that day.  We started off going to a turkey bowl with the YSA ward. (Young Single Adults)We were some of the only girls that showed up haha!!  I am really really good at football so obviously everyone begged for me to be on their team.  haha jk  They wouldn’t even let me touch the ball 🙂  The games were basically me just running back and forth calling for the ball not realizing that you apparently can’t throw a football forward, only backwards, in a game.  Big surprise – my team lost 🙂  I was definitely the MVP though because the one touch down we actually scored was all because of me.  Before the play started,  I said “okay guys, this is it.  We are going to get a touch down.  I am calling it.” and sure enough, WE DID.  All because I called it!

For Thanksgiving, we went to the Nottingham’s house.  They are by far one of my favorite families!!  (Actually, everyone here is my favorite family)   We were able to come over early and help them cook and set the table and probably also distract them from what they were doing… haha oops!  It was a really good dinner!  They were so sweet and remembered that I loved mac’n’cheese and made it for me as a side, since i wasn’t going to eat turkey 🙂  SO SWEET!!!  I definitely over estimated the size of my stomach that day.  I filled my plate a decent amount, not too full, but I couldn’t even get though half of it!!  I was DYING!!  I just sat there picking at it trying to make myself eat so i wasn’t rude.  Luckily they told me I didn’t have to make myself sick trying to eat it all haha!!  I don’t know how people do it!  Thanksgiving really isn’t my holiday, I guess.  So, after entering into a food coma over dinner, they brought out PIE!  Normally, I am not a pie person, but it was thanksgiving, how could I not…?  They made a really good dolce de leche pumpkin pie.  I was dying trying to finish it but it was so good.  By the end of Thanksgiving, I seriously was DONE.  I was ready to take a nap for the rest of the day.  But since we are missionaries, of course we had more things to do.  After dinner with them, we went to another family’s Thanksgiving and had a SECOND DESSERT with them.  Now I understand how missionaries gain mission weight hahaha!!!

On the evening after our second dessert, we had a required multi zone activity for all the missionaries.  We were told that there was going to be a movie room, which we were very excited about.  Sister Moffit and I were very excited to just curl up on the couch and take a nap while everyone watched the movie called, The Best Two Years. WRONG!!! Of course the Elders forgot the keys to get into the library to get the TV and movie 🙂  So, instead we played war ball haha!!!  It is a crazy game that I’m sure missionaries made up.  Missionaries make up a lot of things to keep ourselves entertained.  War ball is basically a free-for-all dodge ball game with this little Nerf ball.  If you hit someone, they have to sit down.  If someone sitting down touches you as you run all over the gym, you switch places.  The best way to describe what this game looks like while being played is a zombie apocalypse.  It was a bunch of people sitting on the ground stretching as far as they could to touch people running by as people leaped across the gym.  It was quite the sight.  Surprisingly, we had a lot of fun.  It was a good way to wrap up Thanksgiving 🙂

 At the Nottingham’s home

As for the rest of the week, the only really big miracle that happened was in our lesson with our investigator, Mike.  He is incredible.  We have been teaching him for a really long time.  We go very slow with him because he doesn’t have much of a religious background.  For the most part, we just let him ask deep questions and then answer them.  Last lesson (which was only a week ago) we downloaded The Book of Mormon on his phone so he could listen to it.  While following up with him about it he started to apologize.  He said he didn’t get very far, he was sorry, and would work harder this week.  But, when we asked where he was he said Jacob 4.  JACOB 4!!!!!!!!!!!! That is INCREDIBLE. He read/listened that far in just a week.  My jaw literally DROPPED.  I was so proud of him.  The lesson went really well too.  We have been teaching him a lot about the Plan of Salvation because his daughter passed away 2 years ago.  We were able to invite him to be baptized on January 21st.  Haha we purposely made his Baptism date my birthday 🙂  That would be the best present!!  He is praying about it, so hopefully this week when we meet with him he will accept.  FINGERS CROSSED.  The last miracle that happened has to do with the big elephant in the room every time we teach Mike.  He is a big smoker.  Like for example, that lesson we had with him, we smoked 3 cigarettes.  We have known for a while it is something that we need to talk to him about, but we have been pushing it off.  However, after the closing prayer of our lesson, as we were chatting a little bit, out of the blue he says, “You know, I really need to stop smoking”.   Then he went on and on about how much he hates smoking.  It was SUCH A MIRACLE.  He wants to quit really bad.  Now we can help him and not feel awkward about it.  We left a lil word of wisdom teaser and left haha!  Never thought that would happen.  It was the best lesson ever though.  We were sooooooooooooo excited.  I am so proud of his progress in the gospel.  It really makes me feel successful as a missionary.

Our reaction after our lesson with Mike.

So yeah that was my week!  It was really fun!  We didn’t do a TON of missionary work this week, but it was okay because we sure did plant a lot of seeds 🙂  I love my mission.  I am so grateful to be here!!

Love you!!!

Sister Rossignoli

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  • Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving and things are going really good. Keep up the good work you are doing. I heard that all missionaries are getting iPhones and will help in the way they teach. If you get transferred you will be able to still be involved in teaching the lessons to your investigater through Facebook and Skype.

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