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Match Makers

Match Makers


So another week spent here in Lake Elsinore! I really struggle to write weekly emails right now just because quite honestly, life is not too interesting at the moment.  I feel like many days are the same.  I get really tired of doing the same thing over and over and over again.  We meet lots of really cool people every day but like no progress… Its just the same thing over and over.  We did find a random little ostrich farm while walking around though, so that’s fun I guess haha!!


This week we had a really good lesson with our investigator, Eli.  Yep, that’s right… my most solid investigator is named Eli haha!!  We found him my first day here too!  He is progressing really well.  He has lots and lots and LOTS of questions (which often lead us down a deep doctrine hole) but we really enjoy talking to him.  This past lesson we talked and talked about lots of random things  (always trying to steer it back to the lesson we planned).  Eventually we got on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the repentance cycle.  The spirit was strong and everything seemed to line up perfectly and we invited him to be baptized.  He accepted 🙂 YAYYY!!!  We did not commit him to a specific day because he is very hesitant, but he accepted it and it’s on his mind and that’s all that matters!  We were very excited!  He is progressing really well!!

I think the biggest miracle of Lake Elsinore was this recent convert family I followed from my previous ward. Back in the Canyon Crest ward, there was a family of recent converts of just barely 4 years. They had to pick up and quickly move around the same time that I left that ward. Turns out… THEY MOVED TO MY WARD HERE!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!  They are the sweetest, most fun little family I have ever met!  Its just a single mom and her 14 year old son.  THEY ARE THE BEST!  I loved them in Canyon Crest and so being able to follow them here was an absolute miracle.  I know that I came here to this ward at this time specifically for them.  Had I not been here, they easily could have fallen through the cracks.  But since I am here, we have been able to set up meeting with them every Monday night and we are helping them get comfortable with the new ward.  Yesterday Sister Van and I played family match maker with them!  There was this other family we were eating dinner with that we knew they would click with SO WELL!  We worked some missionary magic and BOOM – they went to dinner with them and talked and talked and TALKED (literally forever).  They are Puerto Rican and my oh my can they talk and talk FAST!  They are now very good friends.  PERFECT FELLOWSHIP.  Sister Van and I got to just kinda kick back and watch the fellowship sparks fly.  It was awesome!

So yeah, that is my week I guess!  Next week will be very very interesting,  I promise!  We are going to the Redlands Temple tomorrow, have interviews with President Hammon the next day, and have a p-day activity where I get to see Sister Moffit on Monday  (YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY HALLELUJAH), and lots and lots of other little things. Its gonna be crazy!!

Love you guys!!

Sister Rossignoli

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