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“Look, I can see my whole mission from here”

“Look, I can see my whole mission from here”

We have had a week full of miracles!! Honestly its been probably one of the most full, chaotic weeks of my mission. We have just been going from one thing to another. Its good though!!!  Being busy as a missionary is such a good thing!

So yeah, first we had trainer/trainee meeting.  It was crazy and lasted all morning.  ONE THIRD of our Mission was there in that meeting.  That is MASSIVE!  There were like 60 people there!!  In that meeting we just kind of talked about the first 4 weeks of training and how we are going to make the next 8 even better!  It was fun being able to see all of our missionary friends.  It’s not very often all your missionary friends from all over the mission are there together at once.  Here is a picture of our zone with our Mission President.

The next day we had multi zone conferences.  That was another big meeting with a ton of missionaries.  We basically received training from about 7:00 am to 4:00 pm.  It makes for a LONG day.  It’s soooo good though.  We like to call it “Missionary General Conference”.  Whenever we have multizones, I basically leave the chapel in a full sprint SO PUMPED to do missionary work!  My companion and I are always the first people out of there!

That night we also got to go to dinner with one of our investigators.  It was soooo nice!  He is progressing very nicely!  It makes me so happy to see his progress in the Gospel!!!  He is reading the Book of Mormon and is already in 2 Nephi.  He told us too that he totally believes that the Book of Mormon is the Word of God.  He said “No evil man could write it.  The teachings are so in line with Christ’s teachings and you feel the Spirit while you read it. It MUST be inspired of God”. Hearing that was such a “humbling missionary moment”.  It’s nice to see little miracles and faith like that.  Makes me feel much better as a missionary.

Another miracle happened too!!!!!  A couple of weeks ago we taught this man who was SO PREPARED to hear our message.  He was just in awe and speechless after we spoke to him.  The spirit testified so strongly of the truth.  It was by far the best teaching moment of my whole mission thus far.  Sadly though, a couple of days after that appointment he dropped us because he got kicked out of his house for talking to us (don’t worry he is 40).  ANYWAYS… in the middle of our studies this weekend,  we hear our phone go off.  We don’t normally answer texts while we are studying but I decided to go check it out.  I grabbed the phone and was in complete SHOCK.  HE TEXTED US TELLING US HE WANTS TO SET UP A TIME TO MEET WITH US AGAIN!!!!!  Idk what happened in the past couple of weeks, but we get to meet with him again and we are ON TOP OF THE WORLD!!!  Sister Moffit and I were freaking out looking at that text.  It was totally unexpected and out of the blue and just the best thing ever.  We get a LOT of “no”s in Canyon Crest, so this text meant the world to us.  We literally almost cried haha!!!  Miracles are happening here 🙂

Our last major miracle (although we have miracles all the time) is we were able to meet a lot of investigators at church 🙂 This week we had Stake Conference which is a special Sunday meeting where we are taught my the leadership of our area, which can also include a General Authority from the Church.  It was extra special, as a member of the Quorum of the Seventy, Elder Paul H. Watkins, was there to talk to us. He is super funny and personable and was a great speaker to hear from.  We were able to have our investigator there with his daughter, which was sooooo awesome.  We sat by him and answered all his questions about the meeting and what was discussed.  I really think he enjoyed it!  We also had an investigator and his 2 little kids at church.  A member of our Ward is his neighbour and they are good friends.  He has started to come to church a lot with them.  It’s sooo cool to see him and have the awesome opportunity to teach him in church every week.  It makes me so happy to see new people visiting our Ward because we have not had a lot of new people in a while.

So yeah, long story short, we had the best week!  Miracles happen every day, it’s just a matter of recognizing them!  I am sooooo happy right now!  Work here is turning around and I love my companion.  I am feeling a lot more confident as a missionary, and people are starting to progress. I LOVE IT 🙂

It has also been a great week for mail too! Sister Moffit’s mom noticed the Chewbaca onesie I had and decided to take Eli’s joke one step further. SHE SENT SISTER MOFFIT A YODA ONESIE HAHAH!!! So now we can match!  The second Sister Moffit opened it, we ran and put on the onesies as fast as possible and immediately started taking pictures.  It was absolutely hilarious!!!!  Thank you Sister Moffit’s mom for completely making our day! 🙂

Just when we thought the mail was as good as it could possibly get, we heard a knock on our door.  To our surprise, there was a CHRISTMAS TREE at the door!!! Right away we dragged it in and set it up. Sister Moffit and I really like Christmas and we realized that there is a 99.9% chance that we will be separated before Christmas.  So, we are celebrating early 🙂  To all those that are super against celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving, do worry, right now we have Hallowe’en decorations on the tree 😉

Just to keep with the seasons.  This week Sister Moffit and I did our own Pumpkin decorating.

Last thing.  We hiked Mt. Rubidoux today which was soooo fun 🙂 From the top of the mountain, you can see a TON of Southern California.  The view was incredible.  (That’s where the picture and title for this week’s blog post came from)  We chilled at the top for like 30  minutes just taking crazy pictures. I was pretty scared (not gonna lie) climbing around all the rocks.  I wasn’t feeling like falling off a mountain today!  Don’t worry though, we were safe.  I just get super paranoid and I am clumsy haha!!!  I absolutely loved it though and it isn’t a bad hike at all!  It was 105 F (40.5C) outside but the wind made it so much better!  Plus it’s always worth the incredible pictures!

So yeah that was my week! it was absolutely crazy but SO GOOD!

Also, in last week’s post I told you about the wedding I attended in Hemet Ward.  Well here are the pictures from it.

Oh, we had BLACK ICE CREAM this week!!!!  It was sooo good!  It was just made with activated charcoal.  Also a member gave us this massive lemon off her tree hahaha!!! ​​

And finally, while I miss Sister Diamond, I love Sister Moffit.  She makes every day full of sunshine.

okay, I love you guys!!! BYEEEE

Sister Rossignoli​​​​

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