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“Lift up your heart and rejoice for the hour of your mission is come” 5/22/17

“Lift up your heart and rejoice for the hour of your mission is come” 5/22/17

Honestly, I am not allowed to be on here right now but we are missing a P day this week since we are leaving tomorrow and we have time to update everyone. So yeah, I guess biggest update is that I leave for Riverside tomorrow at 3:50 am. I am super excited!! I really need to start packing. I have no idea how I am going to get my suitcases under 50 pounds so i better get started soon or i will get zero sleep. It is super bittersweet leaving. Everyone in my zone and district has become my family and I dont want to leave them behind. We are already planning a MTC reunion in 2 years when everyone is home. The MTC is also super safe, everyone is missionary and everyone here is here to help you and love you. We are in our own little world here. Its kind of scary getting ready to enter the real world again where nobody will know what a missionary is and people will not be half as nice and helpful. Plus i have to start riding my bike all around California. I am super uncoordinated and cant remember the last time i rode a bike, so that is gonna be wild. I am so excited though. I get to teach real people, I get to do real service (not just cleaning the MTC bathrooms), and I get to travel outside of a tiny little secluded campus. It is going to be so exciting, I cant wait to tell everyone where in Riverside I will be and what my new companion will be like.

This week has been the fastest one yet, it seriously FLEW BY. We got a new district this week, they are all awesome. The 3 sisters and 2 of the elders are going to Arkansas and then the other 2 elders are going to Nashville. The sisters are absolutely adorable. We barely got to know them but we already love them. The elders are super cool too haha. One of them even spent some time near Riverside working and was able to tell us all about it, what to expect, and who to talk to. I wish we had more time to get to know everyone. Some people just naturally clicked as like best friends but the second you realize that, you are hopping on a plane to California for 18 months. I am very thankful for email!!! I am hoping to stay in touch with a bunch of people from my zone, but its definitely going to be very different and it is not like we are going to have a lot of time to ever email or talk like we have now.

I have been slightly dying at the MTC this week, hence the picture of me outside the student health center. The food here is definitely not suited for a vegetarian and i am slowly dying from it. I had to get blood work done today cause my symptoms were getting really bad. You know me, I will not go to a doctor unless i 100% have to. I would rather be safe than sorry right now though. My symptoms were intense enough and effecting my life enough that i needed it checked out. I should be okay, so dont worry, but prayers are always appreciated. I loved having to walk to the student health center though. We got to escape the MTC and go basically to BYU campus. I saw all of Heritage Halls, where i used to live, and was so happy. I felt soooo free and at home haha. Plus they gave my companion and i dum dums. Great little adventure if i do say so myself.

I have been reading D&C 31 a lot this week. It is super comforting. When I was deciding whether or not to serve last summer, I opened to this chapter and read verse 3. That verse answered my prayers. The rest of the chapter gives me so much comfort and confidence though. This chapter is just full of memories, miracles, and blessings. Everyone read it! It is very specific to missionary work, but you dont have to have a name tag like me to be a missionary. I use a polaroid we took of my whole zone by the Provo Temple to bookmark this chapter. It makes me so happy and reminds me of my purpose here. They helped me grow and learn so much here and I love having that constant reminder of them.

I have grown so much at the MTC, i am soooo thankful for it and everyone i have met here. My teachers are amazing, my friends are amazing, my branch presidency is amazing, my companion is amazing, and my zone is amazing. My branch president invited us all to pick a Christlike attribute we wanted to work on the first week we were here. I picked diligence. I really wanted to be more diligent in my scripture studies cause i honestly knew nothing about the gospel, didnt know any scripture references, and didnt feel prepared at all to serve. I have learned while i have been here and have had it repeated to me again and again, that if you ask God for any skill or attribute or blessing or whatever you need, and sincerely work for it, he will provide. I am seriously a scripture master now. People can talk about subject and ask for a scripture to go with it and 9/10 times, i will know one and open right up to it. I am a walking miracle. There is no way i could have learned these things by myself. This blessing is 100% from God and i feel so blessed. This is just the beginning too, wait till ya see me in 18 months, im gonna be the scripture wizard.

This is super short but we are leaving tomorrow and are all super busy and stressed. So much to do, so little time to do it! I will call my mom at the airport tomorrow so maybe she will add more updates. I feel soooooo blessed right now and soooooooo happy. Life is awesome, the gospel is true, and God loves each and every one of you. I cant wait to be in Riverside finally!!

As D&C 31:3 says, “Lift up your heart and rejoice, for the hour of your mission is come.”

Love all of you,

Sister Rossignoli

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  • I am super excited to hear the excitement in you letter. I know the Lord will bless your efforts. Prayers for your health.
    Love you
    Sister O’Leary

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