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Let us go up to the mountain of the Lord

Let us go up to the mountain of the Lord

I loveeee Hemet 🙂  It seriously has been such a happy time here.  While our whole zone is really struggling to find people teach, we all have become really great friends. We are enjoying the beautiful weather getting tanned from being outside working all day.  From riding our bikes, our biker legs are getting super buff.  It is just such a happy time!

Today was especially fun because we go to go hiking in Idyllwild! It was so nice to be up in the mountains surrounded by pine trees.  It is just so peaceful.  The hike was absolutely beautiful too!  The best member EVER, drove us up to the hike along with four other Sisters, and her dog, Bruce.  BRUCE IS MY FAVORITE DOG EVER!!  He is the cutest!!!  It made me so happy to go hiking with him!  We took lots of pictures together haha!!

This week the biggest miracle happened with one of our investigators.  I posted about it on Facebook (haha so weird to say that).  After four months of meeting with and teaching this amazing investigator of the Church, he decided to be baptized and he picked a date for his baptism.  The recent lesson we had with him was one of the best lessons I have ever experienced on my mission.  The Spirit was so strong that you could feel it the whole time, there was absolutely no denying it.  It was truly a special experience.  In the lesson we were able to reflect on how his baby steps in the Gospel had taken him so far.  By the way, while you are taking baby steps, it might not feel like you are doing much, but after a while of consistently taking step by step, you can look backwards and see how far you have come.  We discussed a General Conference talk given recently by Elder Dallin H Oaks, “Small and Simple Things”.  Elder Oaks said that by small and simple things, great things really are brought to pass.  So, the highest point of our lesson was when it came time to say the closing prayer.  Our investigator had never prayed out loud before.  He at first declined to offer the prayer, but after talking it out a bit, he committed to offering it next week.  However, when it came time to pick who would offer the prayer,  he took a deep breath and surprised even himself and said that he needed to do it.  Then, just like that, a couple deep breaths later, HE PRAYED!!!!  It was so incredible.  The Spirit that was there at that time was like a brick wall, it was so strong.  I was just completely filled with the Spirit.  I could feel how much Heavenly Father loved him and how proud he was on him.  The feeling was undeniable.  After his prayer, “his eyes started to leak”.  It was so precious!!!  It was an absolute miracle lesson and Sister Brereton was at a leadership meeting that day and missed it all. 🙁  But, I was sooooo excited to tell her after!  I was bouncing around in the car with the member that drove us, i was so giddy!

Miracles are happening and I am so happy that I can be a part of it.  I mean, how cool is it that Heavenly Father is using ME as a tool to make these incredible things happen.  To change lives!  There are occasions when I am speaking or teaching a lesson and I do not exactly even know what I am about to say, and then these beautiful words that are so perfect for that person come out of your mouth.  Those are the moments I cherish.  When I know that God is using me as His instrument.  I am truly humbled that I am even worthy to essentially be his mouthpiece.

I am excited to see what this next week brings Sister Brereton and I.  And how much more tanned my arms will get haha!!

Sister Rossignoli

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