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its not monday but i am alive

its not monday but i am alive



So as you all probably guessed… the library was closed on monday (Labor Day), so we are emailing today haha!!

We have had quite the week!! I feel like I always say that “every week is an adventure” haha.  But there are always so many things that happen and I never know where to begin writting.

Our Mission President has really been encouraging us to use the Book of Mormon as much as we possibly can while we teach and that is probably the best advice we have ever recieved. It is completely turning things around for us. The Book of Mormon is truly the word of God and it can help us every day. No matter what concern ANYONE has, it can be addressed in those 531 pages. So, we have been handing Books of Mormon out right and left now. I even straight up gave one out the other day as we were just walking the streets (we don’t really do that here very often haha). PLUS I am going to finnish reading it for the first time on my mission tomorrow. I am in the home stretch. I only have 2 chapters left. I AM SO EXCITED. The Book of Mormon is the BEST!!!

Really cool Book of Mormon experience with one of our investigators…

We had only met with her once and she was very on the fence. She loves talking about God.  She is already big into her church and didn’t want to change. So, we met with her again and our lesson was going down hill. We needed to get back on track and teach her about The Restoration and the Book of Mormon, but we didnt know how. Then a thought came to my mind “just read a verse from the book of mormon”. I kept thinking it but it took me a lil bit to actually act on the prompting. I opened up my quad and looked for a verse to read. Instead of going right to it, I thought, “explain the background in DEPTH”. That was gonna lead to so many concerns.  I didn’t want to, but I really felt like I needed to do this. So, hesitantly, I started going in detail about how I was going to read a verse from the Book of Mormon and that a prophet was councelling us to do something and blah blah blah.  Before I could even read the verse, questions flowed and our entire lesson we needed to teach took off.  It was incredible.  It was inspiration!! Our investigator went from being somebody not very solid at all, to committing to read the Book of Mormon, come to church on Sunday, pray, and set a tenitive baptisimal date! #BLESSED!!  Sister Diamond and I walked out of that lesson and just laughed. She was like “you knew exactly what you were doing when you got your Book of Mormon out to read”. That was awesome haha!!

The end of the transfer is already quickly approaching and Sister Diamond and I are SO SAD!!! We know our time together is quickly coming to an end. I have spent the first four months of my mission with her!!  We had interviews with President Hammon this week and he told us to expect BIG CHANGES. There is no way I am sticking around with her one more transfer. We are preparing for the big separation in 19 days. its gonna be SAD!!!!!!  But the good thing is she goes home after next transfer and definitely will come back and visit. idk what is coming my way though. Lots of people say maybe training (there are 12 sisters coming in). I am not too sure about that one though haha. I am very solid in teaching and talking to people but I don’t know, I just feel like there are so many more qualified sisters. I feel like I will be leaving Canyon Crest though and I am so sad about it. This ward is the best and we have so many solid people right now that we are teaching that I want to help progress. I guess we will just have to wait and see!! I am excited though! The mission is flying by!!

Sister Diamond and I have been really good about taking more pictures recently! ​​​​​​

It has been SUPER rainy which is odd for California! Our parking lot even flooded one day! We were terrified the storm in Texas was making its way over here (cause we don’t really know what the news says). Fortunately, we definitely are not flooding here… instead we are melting! The past couple days have been 110 F or more and HUMID!  Its rough haha.  We always hope people will take pitty on us and answer their doors (not the case). but yeah… we are having so much fun and still loving the work, even if we are slowly melting.

love you guys!!

Sister Rossignoli

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