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I am thankful for YOU

I am thankful for YOU

Weeks are flying by!! Guess what??? Today is November 20th. you know what happens November 20th next year????? I FLY HOME!?!?!!!!!!! WHATTTTT!!! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?!?? So yeah, the count down is real now. Time is flying by.  I know a year is still a really long time but it is going to fly by and then in a blink of an eye I’ll be done!  I am not ready for that!  This week for example went by so fast!  I don’t even know what happened ?!?  Nothing crazy, honestly.

The highlight of our week was definitely having interviews with our Mission President – President Hammon.  Interviews with him are my favorite.  I love sitting down and talking with him about everything every transfer.  He helps us so much, and especially with the issues that we are having in Canyon Crest right now.  He comforts us so much.  The interviews we had were so uplifting.  He really reassured us that if we are really trying our best, that is enough and he cannot ask for more.  We really are working so hard every day.  We go through a lot.  We just face a lot of rejection and can never really find people to teach.  It can get discouraging when people talk with us about it, but not President Hammon!  We received some really good advice from him that we are really going to try to work hard on this month and see what happens.  The day of miracles has not ceased.  I know that miracles are going to happen as long as we continue to have faith and just push along and work diligently.  President Hammon is awesome.  I am so thankful for him.

Also this week, we had the opportunity to speak in our ward.  It was such an answer to our prayers.  I know its weird, not many people WANT to speak in front of everyone at church.  But, since the summer we have been asking our Bishop again and again to let us speak.  Last week in church Sister Moffit and I were talking about how bad we wanted to speak again.  Then, during the week we got a text FINALLY asking us to speak!!!  YAYAAYAYYYY!!!!!  Sister Moffit gave a talk about how God uses weak people to do great things (using the examples of Moses, Joseph Smith, and missionaries).  It was a really good talk.  I had NO IDEA what to speak on.  They didn’t assign us topics or anything.  I could have talked about SO MANY THINGS.  I easily could have just gone on and on for more than 3 hours if they let me.  I prayed a lot about it.  Saturday, the day before we were supposed to speak, i felt impressed to talk about God’s plan for us.  I referenced the talk, “Divine Design” by Elder Rasband a lot.  That is my FAVORITE talk.  I talked about how a God that knows us SO PERFECTLY is not a God of coincidences.  Everything happens for a reason.  God plans it all out. Nobody falls through the cracks.  I talked about how trials are also planned.  God isn’t going to give us a trial that we cannot make it out the other side from.  He knows what we are capable of.  He is not setting us up for failure.  God gives us trails to strengthen us.  To make us so much better than we were before.  It is his way of building the Kingdom of God on the earth.  I closed my talk with one of my favorite scriptures EVER, D&C 123:17 “Let us CHEERFULLY do all things THAT LIE IN OUR POWER; and then may we stand still, with the utmost assurance, to see the salvation of God, and for his arm to be revealed”.  (I quoted that from memory so hopefully I did it right).  We can plan and plan and plan for ourselves but as we know, we cannot plan everything and more often than not, our plan doesn’t go the exact way we thought.  I mean, if everything had gone according to my plan, I do not think I would be here in California right now serving a mission.  Trust in God’s plan.  He knows what is good for us.  He knows us better than we know ourselves.  I wish I would have thought to record my talk, as I’m sure my mom and Eli would have appreciated it. haha!!!  Next time! The talk went really well though.  I just kinda followed the Spirit and spoke from my heart.  The only notes I had really were the quotes I wrote down.  Several people came up to me or texted me after church thanking me for my talk and telling me that it was exactly what they needed to hear or that it was an answer to their prayers.  That gave me a super good feeling.  I love it when I can serve God and help others.

So yeah, that’s basically my week!  I am looking forward to this week!  We are going to have a REAL Thanksgiving.  The church members keep saying that they are gonna show us how real AMERICANS celebrate Thanksgiving hahaha!!!  I will never escape Canadian jokes.  I love it though!  (Living my whole life in the US, while all my extended family is in Canada and celebrates Thanksgiving on October, means that my family has never had the big extended family gatherings that are common at Thanksgiving here in the US.  It has always been just my immediate family and whom ever my Dad invited over.  So, I am looking forward to experiencing the big American Thanksgiving.)

I love you guys!  I am so thankful for all of you!!!!

Sister Rossignoli

The epitome of missionary work for us.  These little take one, leave one libraries

 Eli sent me this cute lil fox hat he made!!!!

The Christmas decorations NEVER END!

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