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haha okay so funny missionary story….. It is a common misconception that all missionaries are starving.  That assumption is very wrong. We had quite the experience this week. Last Monday, we had an AWESOME dinner at a member’s house. She had super yummy veggie burgers and a bunch of different salads and flippin delicious cookies. we ate SOOO many cookies. We left that dinner appointment FULL. Then, we had an appointment with our investigator. We parked a 15 minute walk away from her house so that we could work off the food a bit before we visited with her. Our investigator is a Hispanic lady, and we have learned that in their culture, they LOVE serving you. So, anyway, we showed up at her house and her husband answers the door. We see her flying all over the kitchen scrambling to finish something. You could tell she was working hard cooking.  Then we see it, a huge pan FULL of enchiladas. Our hearts sunk because we knew what we were about to face an amazing dinner,  but on a very full stomach!  She proceeded to tell us how she was working all day to feed us and how excited she was to see us. She was like “You young girls do so much for this community and we need to give back. You girls deserve this meal. You must be starving”. She was so excited!  Then we walked into the kitchen and we realized it was much more than just enchiladas.  She had made us a FULL meal with rice, fruit, veggies, and Oreos for dessert. It all looked so good.  We tried scooping the smallest servings we could. There was no way we could fit all this food in our already very full stomachs, but what could be say to her?  So, with the biggest smiles we could, we tried to eat it.  When she invited us to get seconds, we had to draw the line. So, instead, she loaded up to-go plates for us. Eventually we got into the lesson. In the lesson it turned out that as much as she loved us, she was not ready to read the Book of Mormon or come to church with us. So, we left that house with a plate staked full of enchiladas, crushed spirits, and stomachs ready to burst. We got home and just layed down on the floor in pain. BUT THEN A MIRACLE HAPPENED. As much as we didn’t want to work or move, we felt like we should call one of our investigators. When she picked up, she was surprisingly happy and soooo excited to talk to us (she had really been struggling that week). On the phone she told us how much her testimony was strengthened and that she wanted to be baptized as soon as she could. IT WAS AMAZING and we were so excited for her. We felt SO BLESSED to have the opportunity to know this lovely sister, to teach her the Gospel, and then to see her making this great decision to be baptised!


Other than that, we really had quite a fun week. So much happened. I can’t even recall it all. Our area is really starting to turn around and we are starting to see little bits of success and tender mercies. The weather has been BEAUTIFUL too!!! It is randomly super cool and crisp outside. IT EVEN RAINED TODAY!?!? I was sooo excited to get to wear my rain boots.  (picture at the top of this post)
Also a random tender mercy. This week we were introduced to the world of Figit spinners. They are such funny little toys but are super entertaining. Sister Diamond and I have been trying to be like the cool kids and do cool tricks. We are naturals haha. Glad to see the world isn’t progressing too much without me.
Everyone have a good week!!!! Remember that GOD LOVES YOU!!!
Sister Rossignoli​

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