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hey… I’m having a baby!!

hey… I’m having a baby!!

Haha Hello!!

No need to worry, the baby I am talking about is a TRAINEE!!!!! WHATTTTT!!!! That’s right, I am TRAINING.  They are trusting me to train a brand new missionary. AHHH!!!

So yeah, as you can tell, I have had quite the crazy week. Transfer calls were Saturday. I was not expecting to get a call to train AT ALL. We were driving in the morning and all of a sudden we hear the Mission President’s ringtone go off. I started freaking out. I thought Sister Diamond was pranking me, but then she answered the phone and started talking to him. Freaking out, I quickly pulled off the main road and struggled to find a place to park so I could talk to him too. I was shaking haha!! Nobody in the zone expected it either (except for Sister Diamond.  She called it all along). So yeah, I am staying in Canyon Crest for 3 more months to train a new missionary. Crazy things are happening and Sister Diamond will be leaving for Jurupa in a couple of hours. I am SO SAD. Sister Diamond is one of my best friends and has been my comfort zone for the past 4 months, and now she is leaving!!   But, the scariest thing ever is that now I am going to be that comfort zone for someone new. I am honored to have been one of the sisters called as a trainer but I am so stressed about it. Every call is inspired though, so I know that if Heavenly Father can trust me to train, that it is something I am more than capable of.

I won’t know who my new companion is until Tuesday, so I guess I will let you know next week. There are a TON of missionaries coming in. It is about to be INSANE tomorrow. There are 25 new missionaries and 8 Puerto Rican missionaries coming. All the missionaries in Puerto Rico had to evacuate so we are taking some of the native missionaries till it is safe for them to go back. That training meeting is going to last ALL NIGHT. I am not ready haha.

I am super excited to be staying in Canyon Crest. This place is my home.  I love it here, and the work is slowly picking up. SLOWLY. We have one amazing investigator!! She should be getting baptized in early October 🙂 I am so excited!!! We also had a miracle!  Our neighbor came to church yesterday!!! Yes, things are looking up for us! Canyon Crest is a really rough area and usually sisters only stay here for 2 transfers because it really weighs on you. But, I am blessed to be staying here for probably 4 transfers. Defying the odds. Yes, i am gonna change the bad reputation this place has gotten.

I am excited to show everyone my new companion next week!! It’s gonna be a crazy and stressful week, but, also an AMAZING week for me! Keep me in your prayers because I’m gonna need it!

Only picture this week is a bad one of our zone haha. They are my family. I love them. It’s so sad to all be going our separate ways. Five of the twelve of us are leaving 🙁 They are all like my big brothers. haha its fun. We tried to take a Polaroid as a zone but I dropped my camera on the ground and I think its broken, so that’s awesome 🙂


Sister Rossignoli

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