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Hemet is Heaven

Hemet is Heaven

This has been such a good week! I am happy here in Little Lake ward with Sister Brereton.  The two of us are working so hard.  We are putting our absolute all into the work right now.  The funny thing is, because we are so anxious to work and talk to everyone, success has not been coming haha.  There was one day where we were so determined, we packed our bags with 7 copies of the Book of Mormon to hand out, but we did not pass out a single copy (the whole week!!!).  It has never been so hard for either of us to pass out a copy of the Book of Mormon!  But we did make a lot of great contacts and set up a lot of appointments with many great people.  This week we really set such a great foundation for the rest of the transfer.  We worked so hard, we were ready to collapse.  We took a break on a street corner and literally almost fell asleep the second we sat down.

I am very excited to see the miracles that will happen in these 6 weeks.  I know that we are going to make great things happen.  Both of us want to spend absolutely all the time we can out sharing the Gospel with everyone we can.  I love this ward so much!  All of the Sisters in the ward are so incredible and so willing to help.  Little Lake is VERY small but they are mighty!  I love this area so much.  I love being able to bike everywhere and talk to people while I travel.  We talk to so many incredible people through biking.  Also, I feel so lucky to be companions with Sister Brereton. She has almost completed her service as a full time missionary and has become an incredible missionary!   I am sad that I will only have 6 weeks with her before she goes home to her family.  We have instantly connected and she is helping me so much!

Another crazy thing happened this week, Sister Brereton got a SMART PHONE!!  It is so crazy for us to have one after being away from technology for 10-17 months.  I will get mine this week and then we will be all up and running.  It is so crazy. We are completely relearning how phones and social media and everything works.

So yeah, life continues to be good as a missionary and I am so ready to work as hard as possible to change lives.

Sorry for no pictures this week. We were so hard at work, we forgot hahahaha (forreal though). Next week we will have pictures, I promise!!

Love you all

Sister Rossignoli

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