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God Answered His Prayer!!! HE WON THE LOTTERY!!!!

God Answered His Prayer!!! HE WON THE LOTTERY!!!!

Another crazy week that happened in the blink of an eye. Transfers are coming up sooooo fast! We get calls about it THIS SATURDAY!  It is such a bitter sweet moment.  I am almost POSITIVE I am outta here and will be getting a new area and new companion, but I guess you never really know.  I looooove Canyon Crest.  It’s my home!  I grew up here as a missionary.  I was trained here and I trained a new missionary myself.  I have changed a ton while I have been in this ward.  I don’t want to leave, but at the same time I really really REALLY want to leave haha!!  I am very “area dead”.  I am at the point where I have talked to just about everyone it seems.  It is really frustrating to me.  If I could get a new area but keep my ward and Sister Moffit, I would be SOOOO HAPPY!  That would be the ideal situation.  But there is no way that could ever happen haha!!!

This week we had lots of fun and some crazy things happen.  First off, we went to the craziest birthday party ever!  Two of the Spanish speaking missionaries had a birthday last Monday and they had what started off as a “little” party at a church members house.   But, slowly more and more missionaries found out and got invited.  I swear half the mission was there.  It was the funniest thing EVER.  It was this tiny tiny hispanic persons house who only really spoke Spanish, so we couldn’t even talk to her. As the time passed, missionaries somehow just kept piling in.  There were missionaries eating outside and basically sitting on laps around the table and there were even missionaries standing and eating in the coat closet.  It was quite the sight.  Sister Moffit and I were the only English speaking sisters there so we just kind of sat back and watched and cracked up.  It was incredible.

This week we also had another lesson with our investigator Mike.  It was awesome!  We love him!!!!  He is progressing in the Gospel soooo well, now we just need him to come to church!!!!!!  We taught him about the Word of Wisdom and he is a very heavy smoker.  He was actually SO EXCITED about it.  He told us he is never buying cigarettes again.  It was such a miracle!  Funny thing about Mike, ever since we first taught him, he has been praying to win the lottery and gets disappointed when his prayer isn’t answered.  It’s kind of become a joke.  In this lesson, he started to talk about how much money he would save by not smoking anymore.  Then something in him changed.  He perked up a little. He told us that maybe never buying cigarettes again is God’s way of answering his prayers about the lottery!  Sure it isn’t millions and millions of dollars that he will win, but he will save thousands at least.  He was so excited. GOD ANSWERED HIS PRAYER ABOUT WINNING THE LOTTERY!!!!! SO COOL!!!  It was such a sweet little moment.  GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS GUYS!!!  (but I really really don’t suggest praying to win the lottery)

Also this week we had exchanges again! They were really fun!  This time I got to stay in Canyon Crest with Hermana Moran.  This was my 4th exchange with her so by now we are really good friends.  We were able to talk a bunch and help each other feel better (we both are severely area dead haha).  Also, we even managed to have a lesson!!! WHATTTT!!  Like that never happens haha!! It was just with a less active member, but it was really good and we really built a friendship with her.  It was an awesome day.

Last big thing this week.  Yesterday we went to the “Messiah Sing”.  Our Stake has been doing this for the past 39 years. They have professional singers and an orchestra and they hand out music scores.  Then everyone sings The Messiah together.  It was SO FUN!  Sister Moffit and I made it fun for sure!  We laughed our whole way through it trying to hit the really high notes and stuff.  Our voices definitely hurt but it was so worth it lollll!!!!  I love classical music so it was quite the experience being able to sing in The Messiah. made me miss my High School choir days!

So yeah there is my week!  This next week should be real exciting!!  Let’s see what happens for transfers!  I’ll let you know next Monday!!!!


Love, Sister Rossignoli

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