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Goats are friends not food

Goats are friends not food

HEYY!!!!! So another crazy week in good ol’ Lake Elsinore.  Sister Van and I have been sooooo hard at work.  Like for example, this week we were trying to visit the furthest south neighbourhood in our area.  We walked and walked and walked and walked.  Round trip we probably walked close to 20 miles, and get this,… WE NEVER EVEN MADE IT TO THE NEIGHBOURHOOD!!!  It got too dark and unsafe and we were slightly lost so we had to turn back haha!!  My oh my were our feet hurting after that day too haha!!  So that is a pretty solid summary of what missionary work in our area is like.

Lots and lots of miracles are happening in this area.  The Spanish speaking bike Elders cover about the same area as us, and so we get SO MANY referrals from them, which is awesome!  There are SO MANY PEOPLE TO TEACH!  The sad thing though is that we cannot always get to them.  We have really been struggling to get team-ups with members of the Church in the area.  There has not been sister missionaries in this area for a while, so the members of the Church are not used to working with us.  We need their help so that we can get to our teaching appointments. 🙁  But, we are slowly figuring it out. It’ll get better!  Today is Monday and this week is gonna be awesome!  We have appointments lined up all week!  It’s gonna be incredible and I will tell you about it next week.

Here is a picture of Sister Van and I at a members home for dinner. We love meeting the members in the area and are grateful for the time they take to invite us for dinner.

This week, on our P-day, we went to DeJongs Dairy!  It was so fun!  It’s this tiny little farm.  They make super super good chocolate milk!  I am hesitant to say it, but, it’s even better than BYU chocolate milk! *gasp*!  I loved it!  You could also buy little bags of food for 25 cents and go and feed the animals.  They have goats, sheep, chickens, geese, peacocks, and one massive pig.  I was originally terrified to let the goats eat out my hands.  They were savages.  They were so aggressive as they tried to get to the food out of my hand.  They would straight up fight each other to get to the food.  Hence the pictures of me freaking out with the goat.  I had to stop feeding it for a second to get a picture.  All the missionaries kept making jokes about how good goat and lamb and pork were to eat 🙂 I am used to it though.  I don’t care, I just laugh.  It was super fun though!  That was the highlight of my week.

So yeah, hopefully next week is more eventful .  Don’t get me wrong, we do A LOT here, but it’s mostly just walking and biking.  We work so hard!  No time to take pictures ever haha!  I am getting better though.  Steady improvements 🙂

Love you guys,

Sister Rossignoli

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