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Getting A Little Bit Smarter

Getting A Little Bit Smarter

This has just been the happiest week full of so many miracles! We are being blessed so much right now!

This week Sister Brereton and I continued to work hard, but also started to work smarter, and the miracles flooded in!  We were able to find and teach so many people!  We even found a FAMILY!!!  Teaching families is such a blessing!!!  I know that I needed to come here to Little Lake at this specific time for so many reasons.  So many things are just lining up so perfectly. I am so happy here!!!  There is nothing more satisfying and fulfilling and joyous than knowing that you are exactly where you need to be.

The other huge thing that happened this week, I bet a lot of you have noticed… I AM ON FACEBOOK NOW! haha!!  It is so crazy! The first 10 months of my mission, we have been using these super old slidey flip phones.  But this week, the whole mission switched over to smartphones.  It is so weird to have a smartphone again after being away from them for so long.  It is opening up so many doors to find and teach people and to help influence so many lives.  Just an FYI, even though I am on Facebook, please do not message me until I am finished my mission.  However, If you have a question about my mission or about what I am teaching, feel free to ask.  Those messages I am allowed to answer and I would be more than happy to talk to you!!!  That is why I am now on Facebook!  I am so excited to start posting things from my mission on Facebook,and to keeping people even more updated on why I am here in southern California 🙂

I love you guys!  Talk to you next week!!

Sister Rossignoli

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