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“God loves us so he sent the sun” 5/09/17

“God loves us so he sent the sun” 5/09/17

hey guys wassup!!!!!

The MTC (Missionary Training Center) is absolutely amazing and I feel so happy and blessed. Don’t get me wrong, the first day was HARD. I was late arriving at the MTC which really threw me off, plus it is such a new place with so many things we have to learn, do, and remember. I was overwhelmed. I have settled into my new schedule now and am doing so much better. I am EXHAUSTED 100% of the time but it is a good exhausted. I am learning so much!!!! Seriously the past 6 days have strengthened my testimony so much more than any of the past things I have done in the past 19 years of my life. No exaggeration at all, my testimony and belief and love of Christ and the gospel has multiplied by the millions. It is soooo true and it is blessing my life so much. I wanna scream it from the rooftop (instead i just scream it from the top bunk in our room for the next 3 weeks).
Here is a rundown on everyone at the MTC:
Sister Bartschi : aka, the best companion in the world. She is from Vegas and is 19 and did 3 semesters at BYU-I. We are very similar people. She is seriously the best. We talk about literally everything and help each other so much. We work and teach so well together, our dynamic is sooo awesome. She is like my mom too, which is so good. I can never remember to carry my keys places or what is next on the schedule and she keeps me so organized. What a blessing!!! i love her!!
Sister Butler : She is from North Carolina and is the sweetest human being ever. She is also going to Riverside and is in my district. She is super willing to help and cares so much about everyone. She is also super smart in the gospel, i need to be more like her.
Sister Troncoso : She is from Colorado Springs and has such a strong and inspiring testimony. She is companions with Sister Butler and is also going to Riverside. She is awesome to talk to when you want to be serious but also when you want to laugh.
Elder Saltzman : He is from Montana and is a convert of almost 2 years and has such an amazing testimony and story. He is in my district and is going to Salt Lake City. He really inspires the entire group to be better and try harder to follow the rules.
Elder Staley : Saltzman’s companion from Hawaii. All of the elders have amazing conversion stories, although most of them were raised in the church. He is also going to Salt Lake.
Elder Christiansen : He is from Northern Virginia and is very similar to Staley. We definitely compete for the role of class clown but i definitely have him beat.
Elder Spaulding : Christiansen’s companion and the last elder in our district. He is from South Carolina and is superrrrr smart. He answers all the tough gospel questions i have.
Sister Bowers : She is in my zone, and is going to Alaska which is super cool. She was like an immediate best friend. She is so fun and we watch “The Longest Yeah Boy Ever” video daily. We definitely are going to stay friends after she leaves next week.
There are so many people here at the MTC and we were an immediate family. I don’t have time to talk about all of them but they are all amazing people. I realized that the reason i came to the MTC at this time was for the people here right now. Also all of my zone has fought to have a testimony and to serve a mission and everyone has amazing conversion stories. They are all just like me. I was scared coming to the MTC because i was scared i was not going to know as much as everyone else and that i would feel super behind. Everyone is at my level and we all teach each other and it is amazing.
The highlight of every day at the MTC is gym time haha. I have never seen a group of people take four-square so seriously. Everyone in the zone plays it together and it is so funny. I never would have guessed that it would be such a good work out too. We literally walk out of the gym sweating and with sore muscles, who knows how. It’s like our zone thing though and i love it. I have to stop yelling during it though, we are all losing our voices.
The most important thing i have learned at the MTC so far is that when you are praying and studying the scriptures ASK QUESTIONS BEFORE!! I have never been super diligent in my scripture study, but in the past two days, as i have thought hard about what i need to know, i have had the most amazing experiences. All we have been reading is 1 Nephi 1 which is crazy. Every day we study it too, we only get through a couple verses. My mind is blown every time. my questions are always answered and i can feel the spirit so strongly. IT IS AMAZING THE GOSPEL IS SO TRUE. I encourage everyone to ask a question before they read and invite the spirit because it is the best feeling in the world and is so comforting and reassuring. God knows each and every one of us and loves us so much. I am just in awe by that. It was finally REALLY confirmed to me and i am just on top of the world.
i cannot wait to go to california, i love the sun haha. our favorite quote from the week was “God loves us so he sent his sun.” i love the sun!!!!!
sorry i really have zero time to ever email. i am not doing well with the super structured schedule at the MTC. i have zero time for anything and it is driving me crazy.
Love everyone!!!
Sister Rossignoli
as sister training leaders, we get to have a phone. it can only call the front desk but i love it and am always messing with it
we get to go to the temple every Tuesday! its awesome!!

it started raining so we finally got to use our new rain gear

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