California Riverside Mission

Face Plant

Face Plant

This week has probably been the most productive, hard working week of my mission.  Sister Fortin and I just got out there and worked our butts off and so many miracles happened.  We didn’t have time for any rest, we just biked all around town from house to house.  It was incredible.

I love Sister Fortin!!  She is a really great companion.  She is from Washington state, which is pretty cool.  We get along so well!  Sometimes its bad because we get talking and we will just talk and talk and talk and all of a sudden, an hour has passed.  She’s awesome!  It’s going to be a great transfer!

So, as I was saying, we worked super hard all week.  On Saturday we were biked, and biked, and biked with all of our strength.  So, I guess we worked just a little too hard because guess what…. I had my first bike accident hahaha!!!!  Yep!  We were super close to our apartment and the clicker to get into our gate was in the pocket of my backpack.  I had it placed in the pocket so that I could easily reach back and click it.  Well, knowing me, being extremely uncoordinated and all, it turned out that it was not that easy to reach after all.  So, as I reached back, I turned my handle bars  inthe same direction just as I was breaking to slow down.  I lost control of my bike and landed on the drive way, flat on my face, in push-up position.  Terrified of being hit by a car, I quickly got my bike off of me and stood up and made the walk of shame to the apartment gate.  It definitely hurt, but I was in too much shock, so I just kept walking.  When I got to the apartment, I sat down and evaluated my injuries.  I had quite a cut on my knee and on the knuckle of my finger.  That was real fun to clean up haha!!  I also have a really gnarly bruise on my palm/wrist.  That one is probably the worst injury.  I can’t close my hand all the way.  It’s alright.  I think it’s all in one piece 🙂  Oh, and I have a massive bump on my right leg.  I thought it was going to bruise but it never did.  Instead it’s just this massive bulge in my leg.  My leg had gotten caught in my bike and it got slammed pretty hard.  Despite all of this, I am up and running (okay maybe not running, but I am walking).  Everything still hurts, but its fine.  Nothing is stopping me!!  All my little battle scars make doing certain things a little awkward or difficult, but its alright.  It was definitely the highlight of the week haha!! Oh, and I am so thankful for Doctor Fortin, who immediate came to my rescue!

As for the rest of the week, we really did see a lot of miracles.  We had back to back to back lessons, which definitely kept us on our toes. It was hard to keep on time because if one lesson went over, we risked being super late for the next, and then the whole schedule was thrown off.  It is SOOOO good to be busy though!  There were so many circumstances where we immediately saw that we were in the right place at the perfect time!  We are so proud of our work this week.  While our legs are sore from all the pedaling, our heats are full.  I absolutely love this ward!  I love all the people we meet and teach! I love my companion!  Life is pretty good 🙂


Another amazing California sunset!


Sister Fortin and I


Love you, Sister Rossignoli

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