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Death by inflatable christmas decorations

Death by inflatable christmas decorations

haha hey!! So one really funny thing about Southern California is that they have quite the obsession with inflatable Christmas decorations.  Every square inch of some yards are COVERED, and not just with the normal inflatables!  People here have the most obscure, random, Christmas inflatables.  It is my new favorite thing.  I need to start keeping a tally of how many I see.  I swear the other night as we were driving around we saw at least 100 just in this tiny little neighbourhood.  I loved it!!

This week was pretty average.  We didn’t find ANYONE to teach.  It was rough.  I am really starting to get “area dead”.  I have been in this tiny little ward for 6 months now.  At this point I feel like I have talked to every single person in town.  I know how to get to every person in our Ward’s house, even if they are super duper hard to find.  I know so many random facts and details about people in the area.  It is definitely time to go.  We get transfer calls in like a week and a half and I am PRAYING to be done here.  I am getting pretty frustrated at all the time we spend walking the same streets, talking to the same people, and always having the same doors never open.  I am definitely in need of some change.  Sad thing though is that I love Sister Moffit!!!  I wish they could just pick us up as a companionship and move us to new places together.  I would love that so much!  It will be a really sad day when we get separated.

This week I had the opportunity to go on exchanges to a Spanish area in MoVal.  I loved it.  I was able to talk to so many people (in English of course) and share my testimony with them.  People there are SO MUCH more receptive and nice!  I wish I could go back haha!  We were able to find so many really solid potential investigators and even pick up an investigator for the English speaking Elders.  It made me feel so good finally being able to share my testimony with others and for it to really impact them.  There was this one guy I spoke to for a while that really needed the Gospel so bad.  He was going though a lot and as I approached him, he asked “what do you do when you feel forsaken”.  I was able to share my testimony with him and share a scripture with him and say a prayer.  This grown man cried.  He told us it was no coincidence that we ran into him.  He said he badly needed help but didn’t know where to find it and that God had sent us to him.  It was a really incredible experience to be able to help someone who so desperately needed it.  I finally felt like I was doing something good and making a difference.  Exchanges were definitely the highlight of my week!

I love being a missionary!  I love helping people!  I love planting seeds!  I love making differences in peoples lives.  Even if all I can do is make someone smile, I consider it a job well done.  I have fulfilled my purpose!

Love, Sister Rossignoli

 Thanksgiving day and I am late for dinner!
Some members had kittens and we hed them the whole time
All the missionaries in my zone
Sunsets!  I love them.

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