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Cracking the Code of Canyon Crest

Cracking the Code of Canyon Crest


Man, what a week!!

Time here seriously FLIES. I am about to hit 3 months in a couple days and I cannot believe it. I think it is safe to say I am a real missionary now. I am so ready to get rid of my “trainee” title. I feel like the title weighs me down and holds me back. TWO MORE WEEKS AND I’M DONE TRAINING!!! I have really fallen in love with being a missionary this week. There is just something so thrilling about being able to talk to everyone in this area and really get to know them.  To hear their stories and give them advice and help.
The area I am in right now is really a puzzle. Work does not progress here very quickly. It is very hard to find people to teach and it can be very discouraging to some missionaries. Luckily for me, I have never been in an area where people are really being taught and work is progressing, so this area doesn’t bug me. Although it does makes me sad that Canyon Crest has this bad reputation. However, I feel that if we look at the area in a different way, so much could happen here –  we just gotta crack the code!! I am so determined! I really hope that I get to stay in this area after transfers because I really feel like it could use my fresh missionary eyes. I WANNA TURN THIS PLACE AROUND!!!! WE ARE GONNA FIND SOMEONE TO TEACH!!!
My favorite part of the week by far was exchanges. Once every transfer we get to have sister missionaries in leadership positions change companions with us and help us. Sister Diamond and Palmer went to a different area for the day and I got to stay in Canyon Crest with a new sister. Turns out I have a twin on the mission…. and she is latina?!?! Mom and dad, you got some ‘plaining to do 😉 I was with Hermana Hernandez all day and it was the BEST! We are literally the same person. Sister Diamond was watching us interact and talk to each other and she described it as if we were looking though a mirror at ourselves. I gained a new best friend that day it was the best!!!!!! We worked sooo hard all day and while we didn’t see a lot of success at all, we still had smiles on our faces. My face muscles literally hurt by the end of the day from smiling and laughing so much. We had the best dinner appointment in the world too. The family we went out to dinner with was SO COOL and they took us to the country club. Hermana Hernandez had never been anywhere that fancy and it was so cute watching her try to figure out what to do. We had THE BEST 20 layer chocolate cake there haha. We didn’t want to ever leave dinner. We were having the best time together and with the family we were dining with. It was sad to leave her but we will exchange some other time- next transfer hopefully. (or maybe i can go Spanish speaking and be her companion ;))
I have been studying in Alma all week in the Book of Mormon and it is the BEST. There are so many good missionaries in Alma and if I could be even a quarter of how incredible they were, so much could happen here. I WANNA BE LIKE THEM!!! I have been really trying to take attributes from the people in these chapters and apply them to my work. I am trying to be more diligent and friendly and loving and bold. Work can progress here, we just aren’t doing it the right way for this area. I am not gonna give up, that’s for sure!! I am sooo motivated right now. I have so much joy in my heart and I wanna share it with the world!!!
The only pictures I have this week are from the service project we did haha. We had our little orange vests on and we picked trash up in a parking lot. Lots of people drove past us and honked. I don’t think they realized who we were. It was fun though! Love helping out mother earth 🙂
Love you guys!!!!
Sister Rossignoli

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