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Christmas in October

Christmas in October

We have had quite the eventful week! So many funny little things have happened and we have been able to meet so many people and do so many cool things.

So first things first.  It was Christmas in October. This has been a week full of funny presents and lots of them. I wasn’t even expecting anything, it all just kept showing up. The first package we received came late at night early on in the week. We were just coming home from an incredible day and finding this package topped it off. It was a pretty big box addressed from Eli. We opened it and our jaws DROPPED. HE SENT ME A POTATO THE SIZE OF A SMALL CHILD. No joke. IT’S MASSIVE. I always send him potato jokes just cause he is serving in Idaho haha! He totally won our potato war though. it was incredible. We now have this foot long potato just kind of chilling in its box on our table. It’s too amazing to just eat haha! It totally made our day! The next day, the Office Elders texted us saying we had TWO MORE packages. They brought it to service with us and we opened them. Sister Moffit got a “greenie” themes package from her family and I got another very odd but hilarious package from Eli. He sent me a Chewbaca onsie…. I have never seen Star Wars (which I think makes it even funnier). So yeah, now i have a very random big brown fur suit to wear hahahah!! Perfect timing for Halloween I guess. It made us laugh so hard! Sister Moffit just needs a Yoda onsie and our companionship will be perfect. I should wear it out street contacting. I feel like it would be quite the conversation starter (or they would run away even faster than they did before). SO MANY FUNNY THINGS ARE HAPPENING! Then, the next day some Elders in my Zone brought be a huge box wrapped in bright yellow wrapping paper from Sister Diamond. She bought Sister Moffit and I two pounds of sour patch kids haha! Perfect timing too because we didn’t have a dinner appointment for that day (don’t worry, we ate real food too). It has just been a WILD week full of so many surprises and jokes.

On a more spiritual note, we met a ton of cool people to teach this week! We started teaching this guy that was SO GOLDEN. We sat down and taught him in his yard because his mom is a member of The Jehovah Witness church.  His mom was inside. He had a ton of questions and was not afraid to ask them and stop us to explain things. We got on the topic of what faith is. We talked about how faith is the opposite of fear and that it requires action. We blew his mind. He sat there speechless. He said, for the past 40 years of his life, he has been looking for this answer and asking these questions and then randomly two 19 year old girls talk to him and so simply answer his questions. He said he felt so much peace and comfort and a fullness he has never felt before. He was just in awe. The Holy Ghost was  testifying to him that the things we taught him were true. He committed himself to come to church.  He had a really cool story with our church building. He said all his life he has been drawn to it. He has spent a lot of him in our parking lot thinking and seeking peace and that he always played in the field behind it. He even said that his dog would always run away and then stop at the church building. Anyway, He committed to read Alma 32 in the Book of Mormon. We left that lesson to happy and proud and excited to watch him to progress. BUT THEN… two days later, he texted us and said that we had to lose contact with him and never come back. His mom had found out and kicked him out and a bunch of craziness. Long story short, we cant teach him anymore. we were SO SAD. but a seed has been planted and one day someone will find him again, I am so sure of it. We also had the chance to teach a Hindu woman and learn a bit about her faith which was really cool! Lots of cool lessons this week! it was a great week for missionary work!

We also had the chance to take our investigator to attend another person’s baptism. She has been going through a rough time and it was so nice to finally see her again and experience that with her. It was good prep for me too, because I have never been to a baptism on my mission and I need to see how they work so we can plan one for her soon. The Spirit was so strong there and I really do think that it helped her gain an even stronger testimony.

So yeah, CRAZY week for us, but it was SO GOOD! The church is SO TRUE! I love the Gospel! Great things are happening here! I cant wait for this week because we have even more planned! Canyon crest is really turning around!

Stay stoked,

Sister Rossignoli

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