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Back To The Beginning

Back To The Beginning


I GOT TRANSFERRED!!!! It was completely unexpected.  All week Sister Van was preparing to leave (she has been in the Lake Elsinore Stake for 6 months already). When we got our transfer calls Saturday night, and they said that I was leaving, all of our jaws dropped.  So, here I go again.

So where will i be going?? BACK TO HEMET!! I will be going to the Little Lake ward 🙂 I will be going to Hemet ( the hottest area of the mission) over the summer, on bike! Haha superrrrrr fun!! The Little Lake ward is the smallest ward ever!! It is seriously just like a rectangle of a couple blocks. It is about 4 miles by 1 or 2 miles.  My favorite part about it is that I will be moving into the apartment where I lived in my very first transfer into the mission!!  It is like I am going home almost!  I am going somewhere so familiar.  Almost a year later, I am returning to where I began my mission.  It is going to be so much fun!  I can’t wait to see all the places and people I came to love in the first 5 weeks of my mission. It is going to be quite the adventure and I am so excited!

My companion is going to be Sister Brereton.  This is going to be her last transfer in the mission before she goes home. So I will be the Junior companion again and be sending Sister Brereton home.

This week I also had a really cool experience.  Last General Conference, I told myself that I was going to memorize the Living Christ before the next conference.  I attempted to do it a couple times but kept giving up or forgetting about it. This week I finally sat down and committed to finally just push myself and memorize the whole thing before Sunday.  I only had a couple days to do it, and I had many doubts of my abilities to memorize that much text so quickly, but a miracle happened and it is completely memorized now!!  It was so cool as I was memorizing it because it almost felt as if a lot of these phrases were just being brought to my remembrance instead of learning them for the first time.  It came so naturally.  I was able to commit it to memory a lot faster than I had expected.  I am so happy I have finally achieved my goal. We were asked in the last Conference to memorize it and I know that this is an inspired document.  We need to know it for a reason.  Now, more than ever, testimonies of Christ are being attacked.  It is so important for people to know who He is, what He did for us, and why it is so important.  Memorizing the Living Christ prepares you for these questions.  I know that the Prophet and the Apostles were inspired as they wrote this document.  I can now declare with an even stronger conviction, not only in my own words, but also in the words of God’s chosen leaders, that Jesus truly is the Christ. That He lives and because He lives, I can one day live again with my loving Father in Heaven. The Living Christ has strengthened my testimony so much.

I AM SO HAPPY!! Have a great week!!

Sister Rossignoli

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