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“Back Off Satan”

“Back Off Satan”

We have had quite a crazy week, that is for sure. Time flies, man. I hit 3 months out this week – that is crazy. This is also FINALLY my last week of training. I am about to become a real missionary. No more greenie title for me 😉 I have been over training for like the past 10 weeks haha. I don’t like it. I don’t like feeling less than my companion. I don’t like people assuming I don’t know what I am doing because I am training.  Of course I am still learning, but it’s very easy to pick up and it is something I have been practicing for my whole life. Talking to people is easy. Sister Diamond always tells me how I am basically pretrained. You can tell me something once and you don’t have to tell me again, so yeah, I am ecstatic to be done training.

With the end of training, it also means another transfer is coming. Those 7 weeks flew by. We should get transfer calls this Saturday. We have no idea what to expect – Are we gonna stay in a trio? Who is staying and who is going? Sister Palmer and Sister Diamond think I am going to take over the area and they both are gonna leave! There is no way of really knowing though. Our guesses are always wrong. I hope I stay here. This is a really hard area and we have put so much work into building it up. We are finally starting to see progress. I wanna turn this area around and get rid of the stigma that it is “the hardest area in the mission”. You just gotta look at it more creatively. idk though. I will let everyone know on Monday what is gonna happen.

We have had quite a few sketchy run ins this week. I don’t wanna go into detail ’cause I don’t need my parents worrying about me, hahah. I am safe, I promise. If anything, we really learned how protected me are. You are so used to feeling the spirit so strong as a missionary, that when it is gone, you KNOW and you get the heck outta there. It’s crazy. Heavenly Father protects his missionaries.

We also had a fun day this week dealing with me being super sick for the first time haha. We went to a members house for dinner who had been out-of-town for a while. because of that, she didn’t know that I was a vegetarian. We walked in the door and saw chicken alfredo and caesar salad on the table. My heart SUNK. I knew what I was about to deal with. I could not ask for different food and be rude, so I had to eat what she served. I said a quick prayer for myself and dug in. I barely put any food on my plate just cause I knew I was gonna be sick. I told myself to just eat it as fast as I could and try not to think about it. The pasta was covered in chicken hahah. My companions could tell I was dying. I tried not to make it obvious that I was choking down chicken flavored pasta and fishy salad (and my tears). I was SOOO sick though. I needed to get the heck out of there. There were DAGGERS in my stomach. I don’t think I have felt that awful in a long time. Just thinking about the chicken I had tasted made me have to throw up more. haha. So yeah. we had a long night. It was fun. My body very much so wants to be vegetarian haha. I lived to tell the tale though.  I should mention that my companions really enjoyed the dinner that the member for so kind to prepare for us.

We have really been focusing on faith and fear this week. You have to either have one or the other. We have been trying to always choose faith. FEAR NO MAN. Its not gonna hurt to just talk to someone? The outcome is either being yelled at or a miracle happening. So yeah I am trying to choose faith every day.

Love you guys!!!
Love Sister Rossignoli

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