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All good in Hemet. No need to worry.

All good in Hemet.  No need to worry.



I got mail!  and Kit Kat bars YUM!


I am doing very well down here in Hemet, no need to worry. This was a very hard week on us but it turned completely around by the end!! We are struggling a lot because we are both completely new to the area, meaning we have no referrals, no investigators, no anything. It used to be just a ward with elders, and they only just split it with us this transfer. The elders have a tiny little portion of the boundaries and we have everything else, clear out into the boonies. You would think with such a big area that we would have tons of people to talk to! WRONG! Haha everyone is so spread out and lives in the middle of nowhere. We find people through just walking the streets and talking to people, but there are very few streets to walk on and very few people to talk to. We have found ourselves wandering the same roads and talking to the same people, which drove us crazy! It was starting to really get to us. Plus its hard, cause i need trained and practice teaching and stuff but i cant because there are no people to practice with or teach. We were just super down in the dumps and discouraged and super unmotivated and really needed help. AND THANK GOODNESS FOR THE PRIESTHOOD!!! We called up our district leader and we were able to get priesthood blessings of comfort and it was AMAZING! It completely turned our week around! my motivation was insane and i was super excited to just try everyone i could afterwards. I was told that God is totally aware of all of my challenges and anxieties and that he was with me every step of the way. I have never felt that constant companionship of the Holy Ghost like that before. I was noticing so many spiritual promptings and my mood was completely flipped around after that. AND WE FINALLY FOUND PEOPLE! it was the best. I wish i had time to talk more about it, but you know, an hour on the computer a week goes by faster than you think haha.
Funny random story from the week: Last night we were sharing testimonies with this other super religious guy that we met. We gave him a Book of Mormon and he said he was gonna read it which is AWESOME! anyways, after leaving, we were sitting in our car across the street calling a couple people when he knocked on our window. He gave us this CD for a band that plays at his church that he claimed were LDS. Their name is Adams Road. We always need new music so we accepted it and popped it in the car. first off, the music is sooooo badly made. it is absolutely HILARIOUS. but what got us, was this song called, is this the end. We expected it to be about like the plan of salvation or something but it is not at all!!!! There is a part about 3 minutes in that gets us though. They give a little shout out to the LDS missionaries so we got super excited. they talk about the message the missionaries share BUT THEN he sings about how he rejected it and how we are wrong. We are trying to learn all the words cause it cracks us up!
We have spent so much time outside this week too that i am TANNING. I honestly do not think i have ever been this dark. its wild. I dont feel like myself haha. Plus i finally have the classic sister missionary watch tan line. I am so proud of it, i show everyone! ill send a picture futher along in the summer so you can really see it.
But yeah the mission is awesome! I love it here!! No need to worry about my safety everyone!!! A bunch of people were concerned about the man in the truck in my last email but he was not creepy at all in promise hahah. I am not gonna be kidnapped or killed i promise!!! God is watching over me more than ever right now, i am in very good hands.
I love you all!! Keep sending letters, i loveeeee them!!! They help so much!!!
Sister Rossignoli

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