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adam fell that men might be, and men are that they might have muddy buddies

adam fell that men might be, and men are that they might have muddy buddies

crazyyyyyyyyyy week haha, it was all a blur!

I spent three and a half days straight in Spanish Land this week which was wild! I am never in my area and it trips me up a lot. I feel like i have no idea what is going on now in English Land. Let me tell you though, the gift of tongues is real! I know i am not really learning Spanish for my entire mission but the amount i have learned just like this past week is insane. In lessons and in just normal converstation, i feel like i now understand a good deal of what they are saying. It is coming so easily. i wish i had more time to be in the Spanish area, but after this week, i probably won’t go back. It was awesome while it lasted though! The people in that ward always joke about how they will just adopt me into Spanish Land. They love having me there cause it is so fun to watch me learn, and i can help them with their English.

The one bad thing about Spanish Land is that when they feed you they straight up SERVE YOU. like, you get sooooo much food and you have to eat all of it and they sit there and watch you. You literally walk out of dinner like 15 pounds heavier haha. A lot of people also struggle with what to feed me there since all they know is meat. I tried cactus this week, though! It was surprisingly super good! I highly suggest everyone trying cactus fried up with like eggs and onions, its cool.

Our area is definitely still struggling but we are trying our best to pull it together. I am designated driver now, so thats cool. I know the area super well and so it is fun to drive around. I love the satisfaction of being in a completely new place and knowing how to get everywhere. We are soooo blessed to have cars too!! It gets to like 110 degrees everyday and a lil AC after walking around for a couple hours is SOO NICE. It gets so hot that by the time you are done walking for even just an hour, your water bottle is burning up! If anyone ever sees a missionary ever walking around, do them a favor and give them some water, you do not understand how much they would appreciate it.

I have been reading this week in 2 Nephi a lot in the Book of Mormon. My favorite chapter right now is BY FAR chapter 22. It makes me super happy and motivated and just sooooo excited to be a missionary. It talks all about how much the Lord has done for us and how we need to praise him and sing and cry out and declare how amazing he is. Verse 5 is my favorite! it just makes me sooo happy. “Sing unto the Lord; for he hath done excellent things; this is known in all the earth”.  And it pairs perfectly with Jefferey R Hollands most recent talk, “Songs Sung, and Unsung“. Everyone read that, it is pretty short but SOOO powerful. The gospel is amazing and has changed my life sooo much and i need to share it with everyone! Like we are so blessed!!! We all need to give back!!!

Hopefully next week, as i will actually spend time in my area where i understand the language people are speaking, i will have more stories to share. Hemet is awesome though, i am sooooo happy i am here! I hope everyone is doing well. I am sorry i never have time to respond to and write to everyone. I promise that if you send me letters, i will read them over and over and respond with something longer than a sentence. Missionaries love letters, they make our day!

I love you guys!!

Sister Rossignoli

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