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A Day in the Mountains

A Day in the Mountains

It was such an exhausting week but in the end it was soooooo rewarding!!

Today we went on a hike up in the Ortega mountains.  It was so nice 🙂  It made me feel like myself again.  These past two transfers I have struggled a lot and I have not been 100% myself all the time.  But being up in the mountains and driving down a long and winding road with the wind blowing in my hair and good music playing just made me so happy.  I so wish I had my nice camera because I would have made a cute lil video about today because it was just such a beautiful happy time!  You could see all of Lake Elsinore from the top, which was so pretty.  I was in a group with so many amazing friends that I have made throughout my mission.  It was just the best morning!  I don’t even care if we had to wake up at 6:00 am to get there, it was sooo worth it 🙂  I just feel so happy right now!!!!



Also this week, we did an awesome service project!!  Just up the road from our apartment they are opening a community garden where people in the neighborhood can come and plant all summer long.  All Saturday morning we were moving this massive mound of dirt into all these little garden plots.  It was an absolute miracle that we could show up, because it was a rainy morning and the people in charge were so worried they would have to spend all day doing it themselves.  But, just then, a group of about 16 eager missionaries came to save the day 🙂  It was such a rewarding service project and everyone was so grateful for our help.  All the men were making comments about how the Sisters couldn’t do the hard work, so there I was in the middle of everything doing the heavy lifting and shoveling like crazy.  By the end everyone was calling me muscle girl hahah!!  My face was completely covered in dirt by the time we walked home.  It was the best Saturday morning (but me oh my was my body hurting Sunday morning when I had to wake up).


I was the best weekend 🙂 I love serving and I love the mountains so much and I love all the friends I have been able to make here!!

Sister Rossignoli

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