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A close encounter with Godzilla

A close encounter with Godzilla

Sister Diamond and I have had a rather uneventful week. We have been really struggling recently to find people to teach. It seems like every person we have been talking to “is good“, “knows Jesus“, is too busy, runs away from us, yells at us, or flat out just ignores us. Haha, life of a missionary I guess.  But, we just keep on pushing though and working diligently. I have such a strong testimony of the Gospel burning inside me that I want to share with someone, and, I have faith that we will be able to find that someone. In the meantime, it’s just hard watching how our area in the last 5 weeks picked up so much speed, and was doing so well, and now it just crashed and burned. It’s funny how once you put on a little black name tag, automatically nobody wants to talk to you. It’s like a reverse magnet. Haha. The only people that seem to want to talk to me are the two occassions where someone walked up to me in the library while I was writting this email, to ask for help.  They thought I was the Librarian! Well, I can’t help them out with most books in this building, but I can tell them all about the Book of Mormon, I guess, hahah!!  But, we have faith and we will keep pushing ourselves, thinking more creatively, and desperately trying to find people that will listen to our message.

I know that this week is gonna be the best! This is Sister Diamond and my last week being companions. On Saturday we are getting transfer calls and figuring out where we are going to go and who our new companions will be. We aren’t sure exactly what is going to happen to us, but after 4.5 months together, we know for sure we will not be together again on this mission. We told President Hammon we were best friends and he was like “you know that cant last… big changes are coming your way“. I am excited to tell everyone next week what those big changes will be. I’d love to know now. I am very impatient when it comes to transfers! We will just have to wait and see!

Something I have really come to hate about California is their exotic wildlife… more specifically, LIZARDS!!! Lizards are all over the place here in Southern California. For me, coming from the east coast, these are creatures that I am definitely not  used to. They terrify me! For the most part, you just see little 2-3 inch lizards running all over the place. But, this week, I had an encounter with a 8 inch lizard 🙂 NOT GOOD!!!!! We were teaching this man named Mike. His wife wasn’t home so we were teaching him in his front yard on some lawn chairs with cushions he had covered. I didn’t realize it while I was there, but my chair was the home for this giant 8 inch lizard. I never noticed it while I was there.  While I would feel my chair randomly move and vibrate and jerk around, I didn’t think much of it. Anyway, I was in the middle of reciting the story of The First Vision to Mike.  The Spirit was so strong, and I was at the edge of my chair as I spoke. At this point in the lesson is when Sister Diamond spotted it.  This massive lizard was an inch away from me and was slowly approaching me. Her heart sunk. She knew I was terrified of lizards.  She also knew that if it touched me, or if I saw it, I would FREAK OUT, jump, and maybe even cry.  Then, the Spirit would be gone adn the lesson would be over.  So Sister Diamond just sat there. staring at it, making sure to not lose sight of it and PRAYING that it would go away, not touch me, and that I wouldn’t see it. But, by the grace of God, we made it through the whole lesson without me noticing it (probably due to the fact that Sister Diamond immediately wrapped up the lesson as fast as she could when she saw it). After we got in the car and drove away, she told me about it. I was HORRIFIED. God was totally watching out for me in that lesson. My fear of lizards has since increased, but hey, I survived to tell the tale. 🙂

Other than that, the only big thing that happened was Zone Conference. Three of the zones in the mission (Mount Rubidoux, Moval, and La Sierra Heights) met together on Thursday to recieve training from the leaders in the mission and from our Mission President. It was a whole day event. We got there at 7 am and didn’t leave till probably 4 pm. It was so worth it though. It was a really uplifting experience.  After the meeting, I was sooooooo motivated to just go out and talk to everyone and scream my testimony from the rooftops (but of course nobody listens to us as I mentioned before). It was also super nice because I got to meet a ton of the missionaries in the area. Being new, I still don’t know all of them. The mission is so big, so it’s impossible to know everyone. I made a couple new friends and put a few faces to names that I had heard all about. It was really fun. We took a picture as a zone too, which I included inthis post.  My zone is my family. I love them.  We are the only Sisters in the zone and they have all become my big brothers. Its gonna be so sad next week when we all get transfer calls.

So, big news will be coming next week! I am excited! Keep praying.  Keep having faith.  Keep doing all the things you guys are doing.  You’re awesome.  Also the offer is still on the table if anyone wants a Book of Mormon. I am serious. haha!!

Love you guys!!!!!

Sister Rossignoli

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