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The Most Important Day in History

The Most Important Day in History

Hey Everyone!!

HAPPY EASTER!!! There is no better way to spend Easter than as a missionary, that is for sure! We had the BEST Easter weekend ever!!

The best part about Easter is by far General Conference!  General Conference happens every 6 months and it is a big broadcast throughout the world where the Prophet, Apostles, and other leaders of the Church speak.  This was one of the the most spiritual General Conferences I have been able to watch.  It was incredible.  So many miracles and changes are happening!!  I was able to participate in something called the “Solemn Assembly”.  When a Prophet dies and a new one is called, we all stand to sustain the new Prophet and leader of the Church .  As I stood with millions of others around the world to sustain our new prophet, President Russel M Nelson, the Spirit was so strong.  I know that he is a true Prophet. I know he was called of God and that he receives revelation from God to help and guide us.

All of the talks that were given were so powerful. There were so many that stood out to me.  I loved Elder Uchtdorf’s talk all about the importance of Christ’s atonement and his resurrection.  Of all the days and events in history, the day that Christ was resurrected was the most important day for each and every one of us.  Because of His resurrection, we can have hope that one day, we too can be resurrected and return to be with God again.  Because of his atonement and resurrection, we know that no matter what pain or trial, we are not alone.  We can get through whatever comes our way because Christ overcame it all.  Were it not for Christ, so many things would not be possible.  We would forever remain in a state of misery with no hope of ever overcoming our inevitable sins.  There would be no way for us to be able to be in Heavenly Father’s presence again.  The gift of Christ is so powerful and we must have more than just a passive belief in him.  As elder Uchtdorf said, we must behold him.  When we are surrounded in grief, sorrow, fear, when we feel alone, forgotten, and unloved, we must behold Him. “As we behold him, we find meaning, joy, and peace in this life and in the life to come”.  Isn’t that what everyone is seeking after?  True joy comes from an active belief in Christ.  I just love that!!

The rest of General Conference was also awesome! All of the talks and video is posted on  If you are curious or need a lil spiritual pick me up, I encourage you to go check some out!  Another really good talk was by Dallin H Oaks!  I loveeee Conference!

As for the rest of the week, we worked hard but not a lot happened… it was a rough week for everyone in the Hemet zone. We did lots of service though and got a nice tan while working in the sun in the 90 degree weather!  I can’t believe it is in the 90s here and it is snowing back home hahah!!  Crazy!!

Happy Easter!  Love you all!!!

Sister Rossignoli

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