You are Rebekahs

You are Rebekahs

This has been a week of many ups and downs!  I feel so much joy in my mission, but at the same time, Satan tries so hard to make me feel like a disappointment.  That I haven’t done enough.  But, we press on each day!  This week we had lots of fun and also had several spiritual experiences.

Some highlights of the week….  We had the ward Hallowe’en party!  This cute 3 year old we met last week came dressed in this huge blow up T’rex costume.  It’s probably one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen.  We also discovered the wonder of Facebook video chat Haha!  I don’t know if  we are supposed to be on it, but it just randomly came up on our phones!  It was hilarious!  Sister Bascom and I just video called each other from across the room.  We also saw even more donkeys!! Its a crazy thing to just see little donkeys roaming across the road.  This week we also got to sand more airplanes at the March airfield museum!  I feel so cool when I work there!  And people on tours will see me sitting on the wing of the plane and they freak out and take pictures of us. Haha!  Little do they know we are just missionary volunteers!  It’s fun though!  I always ask them to hire me full time.  And finally one last random thing I to tell you.  Another super weird thing that moval is know for (besides donkeys) is they all decorate with a ton of inflatable lawn decorations!  You see lawns that don’t have a square inch of grass showing, it’s just all inflatables!  It’s so funny!!!!  Just thought I’d share haha!

Anyways, I did mention that we had a lot of spiritual experiences. I wanted to share one that was so special to us this week!

This week we had an incredible home visit that made me even more grateful to be a missionary.  Sister Bascom and I were struggling with some discouragement in our work.  There are so many forces that constantly push against us as  missionaries.  This week, some of it got the best of us.  So, this couple that we were visiting shared the story of a woman named Rebekah who served a mission for over 20 years with her husband.  She really worked to build up the church in Palmyra, New York.  They were absolutely incredible missionaries that served so selflessly and changed so many lives.  The couple told a particular story of one of the many times Rebekah was sharing dinner with some missionaries, of which one would later become the Prophet of the church.  The missionaries asked her why she served so selfishly, so dedicated, so lovingly, and for so long.  She shared a sacred experience she had long before.  She was always serving missionaries and members her famous diners.  One day she was greeted at the door by a man she assumed to be a missionary.  To make a long and beautiful story short, that man she later realized was the Savior, who embraced her with so much love and gratitude.  She loved serving and sacrificing so much before, but to know she was serving and sacrificing for the Savior to come to dinner meant to much more to her.  From that moment, she treated each person as if they were the Savior.  She sacrificed more and gave even more of herself.  She found more joy in her work.  I learned this week that the more of yourself you give and lose in serving, the more pure joy you find.  Of course it was hard for her to sacrifice so much and she really struggled many times.  She wrote that she still often resigned to her room to cry in her pillow still.  But it was more meaningful because she knew that despite any hard thing she was asked to do or sacrifice to make, it was worth it because it was for the Savior.  The Book of Mormon teaches in Mosiah 2:17 that “And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God.”  This family helped me understand the importance of my calling, not just as a missionary, but as a disciple of Jesus Christ, every day.  They told us, “you are Rebekahs”.  Sure, I might not converse with the Savior face to face and see myself serving him, but I know that when I serve every single person here, that when I sacrifice and go through so much on my mission, it is as if I am serving Him.  That is such a special thing to me.  As I sat in that home, I was just brought to tears.  I was overwhelmed with the Spirit and with joy.  They finished by playing two beautiful versions of “We Thank Thee O God For A Prophet” and “Joseph Smith’s First Prayer” on the piano.  I just sat there and pondered as they played.  They had a room with an open ceiling that was glowing the purest white light from the sun shining in.  I looked at it and the painting of Christ on the wall.  I imagined that the Savior might walk out into the room at any moment.  I felt like He was there with us.  It was just such a special moment and it all felt so real.  I am so grateful to be a member of this church and to have this testimony and love.  It’s so amazing.  I don’t even have words.  He wants to be right there with us always, we just have to let him in.   This experience has changed my view on missionary work forever!  I am ready to go out an make the next couple weeks even more special!

Happy Halloween guys!  And happy 18 month mark to me on Saturday!! Ahhh I can’t believe it!

Love you!!

Sister Rossignoli

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