Where The Wild Things Are

Where The Wild Things Are

Wow wow wow. What a week. Well once again I have zero time to email, but I have lots of pictures! And a picture is worth 1000 words right haha 🙂

Today was absolutely insane.  We went on a hike to Idyllwild  (it’s a cute little mountain town here that has a bunch of awesome hikes).  A bunch of the missionaries in Hemet went.  It was a lot of fun!  I even reached the summit of Tahquitz peak!  It was great!  It was about 10 miles round trip.  Sister Moffit and I basically sprinted the whole way down.  It was quite the work out!  We got caught up there all day though waiting for all the missionaries to come down and meet together.  It was absolute chaos, but we are all okay now.  No need to worry.  We definitely spent a long time there though!  Our favorite doggy friend, Bruce came with us too!  I really enjoyed being in the mountains!

This week I also had a trainer trainee meeting in Riverside with my new surprise mid transfer trainee!  I also had to go to Riverside again for a mission leadership council meeting!  Plus, on top of it all, I had two exchanges with sister missionaries.  I got to go to Anza, which is this cute little town in the mountains that is just a bunch of sandy dirt roads and far spaced-out houses.  It was so much fun though!  We had a blast that day!  I had a tamale for the first time with my Spanish exchange sister missionary!  It was an adventure.  Each week I am learning and growing more and more.  I have completely changed this transfer.  I have made so much growth and my faith and testimony has grown exponentially.  It’s been the hardest 6 weeks of my mission (probably even life) but it has been so worth it.  I wouldn’t trade these trials for anything.

I am super short on time but I love all of you!!


Sister Rossignoli

Celebrating July 4th with my companions

pictures from our hike

me and Sister Moffit

Polaroids from the hike

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