Well that came sooner than expected…

Well that came sooner than expected…

This week was a pretty big milestone for me.  On Saturday, November 3rd I hit 18 whole months as a missionary.  A whole year and a half.  I never actually thought that day would come.  Honestly I still don’t believe it’s real.  This has been the quickest year and half of my life.  It’s been fast, but it’s been jam packed full of miracles, memories, and lots of love and tacos.  Lots and lots of tacos 💖 Haha But, for real, it has been the most influential year and a half of my life, and I am excited to see what more the next 2 weeks have in store for me.  Hopefully more tacos!

We have really been seeing miracle after miracle here.  Our schedule is starting to get jammed packed full of stuff which is so amazing!  There’s nothing better than being busy visiting people all day!  Our ward is absolutely amazing and so many people have become my family.  We are taking advantage of every second we have to be with them.  I am even giving a little farewell/end of mission talk in our Sacrament Meeting on my last day in the mission haha!  It will be so fun!

Exciting news!  We should be having a baptism next week.  I am so pumped about it!  A girl whom we have been teaching since the first day I got to this area will be baptized next week and we couldn’t be happier for her.  Something amazing that you get to do as a missionary is watch people change so much for the better.  So many things about her have slowly changed.  I know that the more she invites the Spirit into her life, the further she will go.  I am just so beyond excited for her!  Also, they must really want to keep us on our toes.  Last Sunday, the Stake Presidency adjusted the boundaries for many wards in the Stake.  In doing so, they dissolved one ward and dispersed it between many other wards. To me that means that for my last couple of weeks here I will have new areas to work in as a missionary.  It will be exciting!

Sister Bascom and I have had quite a bit of fun this week haha!  We are trying to make the most of each day we have together and make as memories as we can.  Since it was Hallowe’en, we FINALLY got to wear our donkey costumes together!!!  We were so pumped.  I don’t know how appropriate it was, but we put them on in the middle of the day and took pictures in our costumes with the donkey signs they have all over town.  While it seems funny that they have little donkey warning signs all over, donkeys walking through the street is a real concern!  We also got to show off our costumes to the whole zone when we came together for our Hallowe’en party.  Everyone loved them haha!   Another fun thing we did was make a rap that teaches about the Restoration of the Gospel hahahaha!!!  It’s the funniest thing ever!  We recorded it and everything.  It is honestly pretty legit.  I wrote it as a joke last week, but then we realized it would actually be a really good teaching tool for the teenager we were teaching.  I would send the video, but I would be way too embarrassed if too many people saw it. Haha!  Just know that it is hilarious!

Another fun thing we did was for my 18 month mark as a missionary.  Sister Bascom and I celebrated the only way we know how …..we made….. TACOS!!!!  WOOOOO!!!  Haha  No better way to celebrate your mission than with potato tacos right?  I thought so!  We had fun.  We pretended to be the good little 20 year old women who know how to cook and take care of a family, but actually we just made the biggest mess ever.  It was great!

On a more spiritual note, I read some of the most Spirit filled chapters of the Book of Mormon.  No matter how many times I read these chapters, I always get goosebumps and cry.  I get so lost in them, and without even knowing it, an hour passes by.  These chapters are in 3 Nephi and give the account of Jesus Christs ministering to the people in the ancient Americas following his resurrection.  They are so captivating and just feel so real.  I can see myself among the people to whom he ministers.  The words always hit me in a new way.  Every word Christ says I hang on to and feel so deeply.  It is incredible.  It is comforting to know that God loves all his children and wants all of us to come unto him.  The counsel Christ gives us is so applicable to what I need in my life and how I can become better.  He ministers to each person, one by one.  He asks us to be a light.  He promises us so many blessings.  He helps us see that no effort is lost.  He teaches us how to find more joy in life.  I invite all of you to read 3 Nephi chapters 11-17 and promise you that your life will be changed.  It is so precious to me.  Just this week I was reflecting on how much I have changed and how many blessings I have received because of my mission.  So much of my happiness, and many of the changes in my life, are attributed to the lessons and the Spirit that is in these few pages of the scriptures.  I recall all the way back to the beginning of my mission, when I was in the Canyon Crest ward, this cute sister used to always say, “do it, it’ll change your life”.  Now, that is the same advice that I give to you today, because I know it is true, that it will change your life.  Ahhh, the Gospel is so amazing guys!!  I just wish everyone could understand this truth!!!!!

Well, wish me luck this week!  I think that during this week, the reality of my mission ending will hit me.  On Wednesday I am giving my official outgoing missionary testimony in our multi-zone conference.  That is really when it will hit that this is real.  It is going to be crazy.  I will try so hard not to cry 🤙🏼

Love you guys!!!

Sister Rossignoli

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