Transfer 11!!

Transfer 11!!

Another great transfer has come to a close.  It has been a crazy one to say the least.  I can’t believe all that has happened!  I mean, we had a miracle baptism, 2 emergency transfers in my companionship, my ward dissolved, I traveled all over the place, I could go on and on!  This has by far been the transfer I have learned the most in though.  I have grown into a new and improved person this transfer.  Although it has been full of twists and turns, I appreciate every single trial I have had the blessing to face.  The biggest accomplishment this transfer has definitely been becoming more of the person that I know Heavenly Father wants me to be.  As I have focused on who Heavenly Father wants me to be and strived to become that person, I have found new happiness and success that I have never experienced before.  The growth that has come from it is immeasurable.

So what is going on with transfer calls?  Well, more chaos, that’s for sure!  The whole mission just kinda got shook around. As for me though, I am kind of staying the same. I am still companions with Sister Fortin and Sister Preator.  I love them!! They are awesome 🙂  But, we are taking over the whole Park Hill Ward now!  For the first 2 weeks after Little Lake Ward had been dissolved we shared the Park Hill Ward with Elders.  Well, as of today, it is just us!  We will be working in the whole area, and because of that, we get a car!!!  WHOOOOHOOOO!!!  I haven’t really driven a car consistently in almost 9 months haha!!  It is so nice to have one again.  Wow, what a blessing!!  WE also are in the process of moving to a new apartment that the Elders used to live in.  It has been quite the process haha!!  We have a lot of unpacking to do!  No time for that though!  Also, I am still a Sister Trainer Leaders (STL).  I have no idea who I am responsible for, but based on my knowledge, I think I have four companionships.  It’s crazy, but I love it.  I love serving others!!

The highlight of my week was spending a day in Anza with my best friend, Sister Moffit!!  It was seriously a dream come true!!  Ever since the time I was training her, we always dreamed about her serving in Anza, me being her STL, and coming on an exchange with her.  We never thought it would happen, but it did!!  It was such a happy day!  It was exactly what I needed.  We talked and talked and talked.  We caught up on everything.  We sung our old favorite songs together.  We reflected on the good old days being companions together.  It was so refreshing and nice. and we got to walk around in the middle of nowhere in a cute little mountain town.  I loved it so much!!

I am excited to see what adventures this new transfer takes me into.  I am happy to have the crazy transfer behind me and I am looking forward to the future with so much faith!

Love you all!!

Sister Rossignoli!!

My companions and i made a little singing video together!! its on my facebook!! go check it out 🙂
Some cute pics with Sister Moffit and I!!  We had to get polar pops (really big, cheap soda from circle k. all the missionaries love it) to stay awake haha!!!

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