The World is Just so 2 Timothy…

The World is Just so 2 Timothy…


Haha so todays email title came from this random lady we met in the Nekter parking lot as we were trying to get dinner. This woman sees us pull into the spot and picks up a chair and legit sits herself down right out front of my window. She then patiently waited for me to roll down the window and talk to her. Sometimes when people see our name tags, they try to impress us with their Bible knowledge (not knowing that my Bible knowledge is very small).  So, she went on and on and ON about how 2 Timothy the world is haha!! I mean she isn’t wrong but half the time I didn’t know what was going on about.  Eventually she cut right to the chase and tried to get us to donate $100 to her charity. GIRL, DO I REALLY LOOK LIKE I HAVE $100 hahah!! We then had to tell her kindly that we didn’t have any money.  In fact we were buying dinner with a giftcard.  However, we have her what we did have, which was more precious than money.  We gave her a restoration pamphlet 🙂 So,l she had now used 20 minutes of our dinner time, so we had to at least TRY to teach her at that point. so yeah…. you meet some WEIRD people as missionaries!  I love it hahaha!!

Another funny quote of the week is from our neighbour, Randy.  He is investigating the Church. He texted us, “any contact I have with you guys makes my soul feed good”. That made us smile so much! That is the SPIRIT Randy, not us!!!!

This week was exciting because I got to go on an exchange to Spanish Land for a day. Back to my first ward assignemnt in Hemet, CA.  I did miss Sister Moffit (and she really missed me) but Spanish Land is always fun and full of surprises! WE CRASHED A WEDDING! Maybe “crashed” isn’t the right word, but that was our dinner appointment for the day. Nobody had any idea who I was and just figured I was new. They all talked to me in Spanish and I would just smile and stare at them.  A surprising number of people never figured out that I had no idea what was going on. The wedding was BEAUTIFUL!  It was a full on Hispanic wedding and they DECKED OUT the church gym.  It was incredible.  I took a lot of pictures.  (I left my camera at the apartment today, so I will post the pictures next week 🙁 )  Anyway, they had this cool little photo booth there. Hermana Moran and I took a couple pictures in it with this little girl in the ward.  I held up signs that said “I’m just here for the cake” and “wedding crasher” hahah!!  The funniest part about crashing this wedding is that THE FOOD NEVER CAME!  As missionaries, we are only allowed to take 1 hour for dinner and then we have to get back to work.  People kept saying that the food was almost here, but the wedding was also running super late.  So yeah, we eventually left the wedding after 45 minutes and ran to get something to eat 🙂  But it was super fun!

This week we had our interviews with President Hammon. He is seriously the GREATEST Mission President in the whole world.  I love him.  He genuinely cares about all of us so much, and really helps us out.  He was quite shocked that in the 5 and a half months of my mission I have not had a single baptism.  Gotta change that real fast!  We are working on it!  I have not given up yet 🙂  We talked a lot about how to get our ward more involved in missionary work because that is the key.  So, we are starting to do practice lesons with members now and we are starting to see a lot of success.  There is one particular member that we absolutely love visiting with and we really really REALLY want to help her go to the Temple.  I do believe that practicing these lessons with her and bringing the spirit into her home is helping. THANK YOU PRESIDENT HAMMON 🙂

So, Pictures….. While I don’t have the pictures from this week to send, I do have QUITE the pictures to share today 🙂 Sister Moffit and I always forget to take pictures throughout the week so today we had a lil photo shoot to make up for it.  Some pictures feature my new chewbaca onesie hahahah!! I am thinking about making some of these into funny little pass along cards.  I won’t actually use them, but I think it would be a funny little joke.  I’ll keep you guys updated on their progress. Oh, also one pic is from our zone BBQ we had today. everyone ate these MASSIVE steaks and I had broccoli and really good mashed potatoes 🙂


Sister Rossignoli

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