The Mission is ON FIRE

The Mission is ON FIRE






So first things first.  I got a new companion!!!  Her name is Sister Moffit and she is from Utah. She is AWESOME!!! I can already tell we are gonna be good friends. We have so many things in common which is awesome. You know she’s cool when she looks at my picture wall and says, “Are those Sufjan Stevens records on your wall?” HECK YEAH THEY ARE haha!! She is a super good missionary too.  She is basically already training me.  We get so much done together!!!  It’s so weird not having Sister Diamond to rely on, but it is really helping me grow and to rely on the Spirit.

The day I picked her up at the Mission Office was crazy.  We were getting so many new missionaries in, plus flights were being delayed right and left and they were trying to figure out the situation with the Puerto Rican missionaries. It was so fun though because basically all my friends on the mission are training as well, so we got to hang out together all day. I was very stressed about who my new companion would be, but of course Sister Moffit was a perfect match!

One of our biggest accomplishments by far was getting one of our investigators, Mike, committed to a date to be baptized. OUR FIRST DAY TOGETHER!!!  We were SO STOKED!!  I set it all up for her, and then Sister Moffit invited him and he accepted!!  He was actually so excited too!  So, hopefully that happens soon. Crossing our fingers!!  It was such a great way to just kick-start the mission though.  I remember my first day in the mission field, when Sister Diamond set up a baptismal invite and I invited and they accepted.  I  was on top of the world!  So, I was SO EXCITED when I was able to provide the same experience for my trainee.  Also, Mike is so much more solid than my first invite, haha!! Ever since then we have had such a drive to find people, talk to everyone, and work HARD. We are on FIRE (literally and metaphorically… our mission has been up in flames for real lol)

We also had General Conference this weekend.  It was amazing. For those who don’t know, General Conference is a broadcast for the entire world, where our Prophet, Apostles, and other church leaders speak to us.  It happens twice a year and they are always the best weekends ever.  I LOVE CONFERENCE!!  There were so many incredible talks, that I cannot wait to read them again!!  I especially loved Elder Holland (of course, who doesn’t), Elder Oaks, Elder Rasband, and Elder Hallstrom. But, of course, all the talks were incredible. It was so cool too being able to just meet as missionaries in the Stake for each session and watch it together. The missionaries in my Stake are my FAMILY. I love them so much. I learn so much from them too.  Like we have the 4 ASL missionaries in our area, and so we had normal conference on one screen and conference by ASL on the another screen.  It was cool.  I picked up a lot of sign from them too. It’s so fun to communicate to the deaf missionaries and it makes you feel so good when you can sign to them and actually have a conversation. The deaf missionaries always make fun of me and sign my name as “Sister Vegetable Person” (which is the sign for vegetarian… everyone in my zone teases me about it). Its fun haha 🙂

I am excited to see the progress we make this week. I am positive we are gonna do incredible things. I CANT WAIT!!!

As always, I am really bad at remembering to take pictures. I promise one day i’ll get better at it haha!! Here are some pics of Sister Moffit and I.  I was super unprepared and confused while we were taking these pictures as you can probably tell, but its fine haha!!!  Oh, also, we walked to the top of a really big hill and the sunset and view was incredible.


Sister Rossignoli

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