Opening My Mission Call

Opening My Mission Call

After over three weeks of impatiently waiting, my mission call finally came Friday, February 24th. Before it finally coming, I had checked my email literally every couple minutes like a crazy person. Occasionally I would get Housing Account notifications telling me I had a package, and I would sprint downstairs to the mail room anticipating my call.

The day it finally came I stood there shaking as I quickly texted every person I could think of. As badly as I wanted to open it right there on the spot, I impatiently waited a few hours so that Eli could come. As much as I didn’t want to (I knew it would be awkward), I set up a Facebook live so that all of my friends, parent’s friends, and family members could easily watch. Along with Facebook, I ended up Facetiming both my parents and Morgan. I really don’t have many friends here and I didn’t want to make opening my call a huge ward thing, so I ended up only having Eli, Lauren, Matison, Cassidy, Sheridan, the Ryans, and Madison Brown over to watch. Everyone placed their final guesses on my map, and then I finally opened that big white envelope.

“Dear Sister Rossignoli,” it read, “You are hereby called to serve as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You are assigned to labor in the CALIFORNIA RIVERSIDE MISSION.”

My initial reaction was slight confusion and shock. Never had I even considered going to California, I had always thought I was going somewhere outside of the United States and I had never even heard of Riverside. Cassidy was quick to point it out to me and describe the area, as she had lived only about an hour and a half away from my mission. I was very happy to not have to learn Spanish (I always said that Spanish was one language I would never be able to grasp, and the Lord understood and agreed). My biggest concern was leaving on May 3rd. I had set my availability date right after school, expecting to take a couple months to leave, NOT ONE WEEK!! Since then, I have really come to terms with this date and I am excited to get out into the field as fast as possible. The Lord knew what I needed, and if he thought it was best to send me right away, then I would not question it. While at first I was not as excited about Riverside as I should have been (only because I expected some crazy foreign place) I have really fallen in love with my mission and am excited to experience the beauty of California.

I strongly believe that one of the main reasons why I have been called here was because of my strict vegetarian diet I wanted to try to follow the best I could while on my mission. California is by far the best place for a vegetarian to go and I feel so blessed. While I will most likely have to eat meat at some point on my mission, I will not have to worry about it every day and I will be surrounded by members that understand this choice of mine. I have a testimony that I am being sent exactly where I need to be, and I cannot wait to experience it. I know that I am making the right choice by serving, and although it may be hard to leave my friends, family, and boyfriend for such a long period of time, it will be well worth it and I will grow so much as a person. The church has blessed my life so much and I cannot wait to help the people of California feel this happiness and love that the gospel gives to me.


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