one year down!!!

one year down!!!

I don’t have a ton of time, but how CRAZY is it that I have been a missionary for over a year now! I cant even believe it. I am OLD!!! It has by far been the best year of my life and for my life though.  I wouldn’t change a single thing.  It makes me so so happy to be here!  I know that this past year, not only have I myself come closer to Christ, but I have helped so many others.  It is just the absolute best decision I could have ever made.  If you have the chance, please serve a mission as well, it’s something I will never ever regret!

Sister Fortin and I have had another incredible week together.  Miracles are happening here in Hemet, California!  We have been able to meet so many incredible people and have had so many spiritual experiences.

Biggest blessing:   We biked in the rain, and although we were absolutely soaking wet and freezing, we didn’t crash and we didn’t get sick 🙂 thank goodness!!!  It went from being freezing cold one day to a few degrees short of 100 this week!  It was insane.  We were sweating up a storm by the end of it hahaha!!!  And we got super tan!!  Sister Fortin just BAKES! Her watch tan outline is incredible haha!!!


The highlight of my week was definitely going to MLC (Mission Leadership Council).  I was just super excited for it because it meant I could see Sister Moffit!!  It makes me so happy to be able to see her 🙂 and I feel like I haven’t seen her in FOREVER!!  But now I am almost guaranteed to see my best friend at least once a month for up to 6 months.  MIRACLE!!! I am so grateful hahahah!!


The actual MLC meeting was good.  I had no idea what was going on for half of it, but I was able to gain some great insights and advice.  I loved being able to be around President and Sister Hammon and the other very inspired leaders.  I’ve just felt the spirit so strong in so many ways this week.

I am sorry that I didn’t have enough time to write a good letter this week, but I will repent and next week will actually be good haha!!!  But, at least I took a lot of pictures!  Those are each a thousand words, so its actually a pretty long email, right?


Sister Rossignoli

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