Inspiration and celebration

Inspiration and celebration

Well this has been the fastest week of my life! Every day was jam packed with things to do and miracles. It is so amazing, and yet, so busy.  All our hard work is paying off and we are really starting to build up this area.  It really takes a lot of work to be able to set up activities and plan appointments every week, but we are slowly getting there!

This week I have been in a slight panic over the idea of coming home soon.  I only have 2 months left of my mission and it’s kind of scary.  I left such a different life behind at home.  I have become a different person and made a lot of new friends while I have been kind of trapped in a happy little bubble for 16 months.  I haven’t had to really think about my future or anything.  The furthest I’ve really planned ahead on my mission is when we plan out our upcoming week.  Now I am about to be dropped in a whole new world and I am going to have to make a lot of big life decisions.  It’s pretty scary.  I don’t always like thinking of home.  Sure I miss my family and a lot of things and people, but there is nothing quite like serving the Lord full time!

This week I had to think a lot about my future.  It’s almost time to register for classes school and that means I kind of have to figure out what I want to study and what type of career I want to pursue.  I have felt like a lost sheep just wandering back and forth not really knowing what to do.  This is one of those things where before my mission and then the whole beginning of my mission everyone always told me not to worry about it because by the end of your mission you will figure it out.  Well, it’s at the end and I still have no clue.  So, I did what any lost person should do, I prayed about it… A LOT.  I had a lot of impressions come to my head just kind of about myself and what I can do.  That helped.  I was reminded of a thought I had a while ago when I was in Hemet.  I had a major just pop into my head.  I didn’t necessarily know what it even was, but I felt at peace with the idea.  Sometimes I would think about it but I never really took that idea to be much.

So, this is where a miracle happens.  This week I had interviews with President Hammon.  I love being able to just talk one on one with him.  He is very important to me and I just love the love and support that comes from him.  We have really gotten close over the past months.  So, because I had felt so lost and confused as of late, I took the opportunity to ask him about classes and what I should do with my life.  He had recently retired from being a college President, so he was a great person to go to for this advice.   We talked about it for a while until he got to the root of the problem – I had absolutely NO idea what I wanted to do in my future.  President Hammon is one inspired man though.  He asked if he could share his opinion.  He told me the career he really sees me doing.  He told me why I would be so good at it and why they really need me.  He told me he really can’t see me doing anything else.  As he spoke, I was so excited and at peace, I wanted to cry haha!!  The career and major he was talking about was the exact same one that had flashed into my head many times while I as serving in Hemet.  He explained exactly what this career was about.  It was such an answer to my prayers.  It was seriously a miracle.  I know that it was inspiration straight from God.  He gave me a prompting a long time ago and President was now able to solidify everything for me.  Just like on the Old Testament in Chapters 1&2 of Daniel when Daniel tells King Nebuchadnezzar his dream and the meaning thereof.   so, while I am still very confused and terrified about coming back to the real world soon, I feel a lot more peace.  I have a lot more direction and now I’m actually kind of excited to get back to school.  I know Heavenly Father answered my many prayers as I pleaded to him for help and direction.

Another highlight of the week was Sister Bascom’s birthday!!!  I have gotten to be there for so many of my companion’s birthdays and I love it!!  Most sisters only get one mission birthday so I want those birthdays to be super special!  Last week we went to Target and I bought a ton of party stuff.  We got things to make a cake, banners, 72 balloons, and a ton of confetti and glitter.  All week I spent time filling balloons with confetti and cute notes to Sister Bascom.  I hid all of these balloons behind a sheet that I hung up in the corner of our apartment so that Sister Bascom couldn’t see them. Saturday night, before her Birthday, I made her stay in the bedroom of our apartment and I went all out decorating.  In the morning she was so very surprised!  There were decorations everywhere and everything in the apartment was wearing a party hat.  We popped a ton of confetti balloons and covered our floors with sparkly stars!  It was beautiful haha!! Everywhere we went that day, we wore a party hat.  We had her birthday dinner with one of our favorite families in the Ward and the Hermanas joined us!  They made us waffles and cinnamon rolls and then we had ice cream cake.  I had to be rolled out of their house by the end of the evening!  It was so much fun.  They also sang happy birthday with us “the Tatum way” which means you sing whatever notes you want, whatever tempo you want, however you want.  It’s a beautiful mess.  It was so much fun!  I also made two special balloons full of a TON of confetti.  That night, before the sun completely went down, we searched for a beautiful hill where we could pop them.  The view was pretty great.  It was such a good day!!!  We are having so much fun and we are so happy!!

Life is great! I’m so happy!!

Love, Sister Rossignoli

Lots of balloons and glitter on sister Bascom’s birthday

We found a piano on the street

We got to sand down an old air force truck so they can repaint it and we were absolutely covered in blue dust

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  • You are truly an inspiring Angel..i will never forget your lessons and your kindness. Im so glad you have found your Major. Peace and Love be with you Sister all your days Estos son los deseos de Hermano Quintero.

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